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[Discover Weekly] Remove certain Songs

It would be nice if there was a way to remove a song from the Discover Weekly playlist. Overall, Spotify picks some pretty good songs for the playlist. However, there are always a couple songs I don't like. It would be nice if I could delete the song from the playlist just like I can for any other playlists I put together.

Updated on 2018-08-29

Hey folks,


Thanks for sharing your feedback here in the Community.


We're pleased to confirm that it's now possible to like or dislike tracks in your Discover Weekly playlist.Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 15.30.29.png



If you dislike a track, it will also be removed from your Discover Weekly playlist.

Thanks again for coming to the Idea Exchange!
We appreciate all of the comments.




Ugh yes please add this. For some reason my playlist had a few Christian worship songs on it? I never listen to that, and absolutely hate the music. Or at least give me an option not to play religious music.


The point of the playlist is for you to discover new things.  Listen to some of it and then go explore on your own some of your discoveries.  


Bitching because some of the songs are to others' sensibilities is stupid.  Maybe some people like the religious discoveries.  Should those people complain that there is a metal song in the playlist?

I would like a thumbs down button or similar. I have had a few seriously explicit songs appear in my playlist. I'm no prude, but these affect my enjoyment of the playlist and mean that I can only ever listen to it with headphones! Perhaps there should be an explicit lyrics opt-out button? I'm not sure how the algorithm works to choose the new music although I am generally impressed that I like around 90% of it.

I'm assuming Spotifys algorithm looks at what I choose to play and what I add to My Music when decising what to play in future, so if I "choose" to play the entire Discover Weekly playlist by dragging it all out into a seperate list so that I can edit it I assume that I'll get worse results in future. Being able to say that I don't like something from within Discover Weekly or simply being able to remove it would be a much better alternative.

I love the discover playlist. But I listen to white noise tracks at night and I also put on my "kid" list for my 5yo a few times a week. I'd love it if there were a way to tell Spotify to ignore these lists/genres when creating my list. This week it was full of new renditions of wheels on the bus and weird meditation background tracks.

First of all I enjoy the Discover Weekly playlist. It has kept me finding new songs or old songs at a time when my listening was getting stale...So thanks for that.  I have to agree though there are songs I know about and have in other playlists that I don't want to listen to while checking the list out for songs to add to my other playlists. I don't know the programming involved, but seems simple enough to include the person its curated for as a collaborator.  


If this is too difficult I suppose I could just put them in my own playlist and work from that, but I already have enough playlists to sort through.




 Yes please! And Spotify should consider what kind of songs we are removing to stop suggesting similar songs for the next lists! 

Cloning a playlist is a solution when you are at your desktop at home but there is no good way to clone on Android. It does not really make sense to have to clone a list that only you follow. For me, sorting the playlist is also important.
The suggestions should be altered based on what you save to Your Music. I think being able to remove songs from the playlist takes away from the whole "mix tape" experience that Spotify is going for.
I don't see a reason to be true to the "mix tape" experience. The playlist is not handmade and does not sound handmade. The weekly playlist is for me an excuse to try new music. I delete the tracks that spoil my fun. I group tracks by mood a bit. Then I listen a few times. After a while I notice I am looking out for particular tracks. I lookup those albums and play them for the rest of the week. To start the process I need a playlist that I can edit.