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[Discover Weekly] Remove certain Songs

It would be nice if there was a way to remove a song from the Discover Weekly playlist. Overall, Spotify picks some pretty good songs for the playlist. However, there are always a couple songs I don't like. It would be nice if I could delete the song from the playlist just like I can for any other playlists I put together.

Updated on 2018-08-29

Hey folks,


Thanks for sharing your feedback here in the Community.


We're pleased to confirm that it's now possible to like or dislike tracks in your Discover Weekly playlist.Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 15.30.29.png



If you dislike a track, it will also be removed from your Discover Weekly playlist.

Thanks again for coming to the Idea Exchange!
We appreciate all of the comments.




Was this suggestion only added to the application? Because I don't see that button anywhere on the web player.


I've noticed that I hear the same songs over and over for months in the Discover Weekly. Aren't they supposed to get new ones weekly?

Yeah, that seems to be the case. On the stand-alone app, there are icons for "like" or "dislike" to the left of the "..." mouseover menu. But they don't seem to exist in the web player view.

@PashaS wrote:

I've noticed that I hear the same songs over and over for months in the Discover Weekly. Aren't they supposed to get new ones weekly?


I think most folks here are complaining about seeing the same songs repeated occasionally. If you're not seeing a different list each week, you should be ... but I'm not sure what the troubleshooting is for that. I have noticed that sometimes I will get a new list, but if I had paused a song from the previous week's list sometimes the new list wouldn't play and the old one continued to. That seems like a bug. Hopefully, someone who knows more than I do will offer you a specific path to solving your problem.


This is apparently now implemented, but doesn't seem to be available in the web player. Why?


Thank you...had someone jack my Spotify and when I got it back my Discover Weekly was all German Hardcore NOT my style...


Hi, I am pretty new using this, and since I coudn't start (or don't know how to) start a thread on the topic, I'll give it a try here. I have noticed other users have commented on similar issues. The thing is, I realized you can actually remove some songs from your playlists, but not others, now this sounds a bit odd, because it's happened a few times already, I did successfully remove a song then, but can't remove this other particular song. Perhaps a more experienced user can shed some light into this because it's weird, and a pain. Well thanks for reading and hope someone can help!


Hi Spotify, it seems the dislike button isn’t showing up on the web app or IOS. I want to be able to remove songs from my discover weekly to help whittle down the list to what I want to add to my liked songs. Am I missing something?


My home page is loaded with albums I absolutely HATE and Spotify gives me no option to remove it.  I'm prepared to spend more time looking for an alternative to Spotify, than I have already spent in Spotify frustrated that the option does not exist to remove any song  or album that I do not like from my home page. 


This is a major flaw from Spotify.


If I can find any alternative to this garbage, I'll be making a serious effort to do so. 


Extraordinarily frustrated.


I hope someone can take a lookt at this. I think this feature is really helpful, but I make my own recomendation/discover lists. Could it be possible to give the same feature to other playlist? or the "dislike button" when playing a song? 

Thank you