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[Discover Weekly] Remove certain Songs

It would be nice if there was a way to remove a song from the Discover Weekly playlist. Overall, Spotify picks some pretty good songs for the playlist. However, there are always a couple songs I don't like. It would be nice if I could delete the song from the playlist just like I can for any other playlists I put together.

Updated on 2018-08-29

Hey folks,


Thanks for sharing your feedback here in the Community.


We're pleased to confirm that it's now possible to like or dislike tracks in your Discover Weekly playlist.Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 15.30.29.png



If you dislike a track, it will also be removed from your Discover Weekly playlist.

Thanks again for coming to the Idea Exchange!
We appreciate all of the comments.



Discovery Weekly is doing the experiment to decide, for example, if people who like Hidden Orchestra also like the new Floating Point album. Spotify needs to categorise new music and Discovery Weekly is proving data. This suggests a design that causes people to reveal what they like, what they dislike and what they would group together.

Agreed! Or at least some kind of downvote-to-discard button, because I cannot stand Taylor Swift songs, whether it's a cover or not. I skip them every time.


Agreed! I love the Discovery Weekly Playlist, but would love to have a little more control to the songs that are recommended for me. I think a simple like/dislike option may be a great solution—similar to the feature on Pandora. This would hopefully help customize each weekly playslist evolve to be more in-line with a particular user's tastes!


It's hilarius how one song can screw all playlist. This is the major UX flaw that needs to be fixed. And the solution itself seems to be darn easy to implement - Just let Remove song from playlist.


Hope something like this gets added.


Obviously we're not going to love every track, but some are so far off the mark as to cause serious discomfort.


Infact I'd love the ability to just add certain artists to ignore, even if I like a whole genre, sometimes you find an artist that just makes your skin crawl or ears bleed and don't ever want to hear that again, discover weekly or otehrwise.


Also annoying of note this week, #2 track is a song I can't stand yet it was previously in a dicover weekly for me a few weeks back, I skipped it every time after mere seconds, and now it's back again.



I also feel adding every song to a personal play list and customising from there isn't a great work around, as it will give incorrect data to the algorithms used to provide these play lists regarding what music we save and thus want more of.


Surely the best way to tailor personalised content such as this would be to let us rate both good and bad what is delivered to us. It would have no affect on anyone elses experience, other than that we're more likely to find music we enjoy.


How can implementing this be anything but a ten-minute no-brainer? Why don't we have this already?

Similar issue to this, but slightly different.


I predominantly listen to a couple of genres of music - and the weekly introduces me to new tracks, that fit in those genres. (Berlin Techno/underground).


When Bowie died, i listened to his catalogue non-stop for a week.


Now my weekly alternates track by track between Berlin techno, and anything vaguely influenced by bowie, ranging from britpop, some weird jazz fusion with slap-bass, and glamrock: with seemingly joyful abandon of what makes a good progressive playlist. 


Going between Ben Klock and Brian Eno within the space of a track... Well, jarring would be a severe understatement. 


There should be a way to listen to some music in a Sandbox mode or view/remove them from the pool of artists/tracks the algorythm uses.


I don't want to call Bowie a guilty pleasure, there is no guilt about it...but given his wonderfully eclectic career, I don't want him influencing what was previously a fantastic feature, with strange replica synthesised two part harmonies accompanied with wandering basslines, when I'm in the mood to get heads down at 128bpm.


Fingers crossed... Pandora nailed this years ago, I trust you guys can do it too!


I am personally tired of the same Oingo Boingo song interceding upon my Discover Weekly. 


This would be a GREAT addition. Please add some sort of function to say that we don't like certain Discover Weekly picks. Althogh I love Discover Weekly so thanks for it in the first place.

Status changed to: Not Right Now
Updated: 2016-03-07

Hey @thepretentiousw thanks for sharing your Discover Weekly idea here in the Community. 

At the moment we don't have plans to make the Discover Weekly playlist editable but we'll keep this idea open to continue collecting feedback and kudos. Thanks everyone!