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Display total historical plays

On the top listened to songs for me spotify should show how many times you've listened to that song, like itunes e.g. does.


We're happy to announce that we've started rolling out play counts on top tracks in Spotify. Now you can check out how many total, global plays a top track has in Spotify. Right now, play counts are only available on top tracks in the desktop version but we plan to make play counts available on other platforms soon. Enjoy!


Second and third this comment.


Oh hell yeah


A small feature and easy to implement 🙂


I really like being able to see how many times I have played a song.  Top 50 played songs etc.


I disagree.


Those of us who really cares about statistics, are collecting it on from all the music apps (Spotify, foobar2000, iTunes, WMP, Grooveshark etc.) and portable players (iPods, iPhones, Android phones etc.) we use.


Having a Spotify specific statistic would be annoying. At least make it optional, if it were to be implemented.




And most played artists, records,  and so on. 🙂

Yes! This would be good feature.


Spotify, add it. 😉


I'd love a play count feature me a geek if you like, but I like to know how many times I have played a track!


Could we get "Number of times listened to" added to the sorting column?  That'd be nice.


Great idea! And even more easy to implement than many may think. For licensing/royalty purposes, Spotify must already be keeping track of song play count. 🙂

a25zkmiz dude! 😄 There you have exacly what you're looking for.