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Display total historical plays

On the top listened to songs for me spotify should show how many times you've listened to that song, like itunes e.g. does.


We're happy to announce that we've started rolling out play counts on top tracks in Spotify. Now you can check out how many total, global plays a top track has in Spotify. Right now, play counts are only available on top tracks in the desktop version but we plan to make play counts available on other platforms soon. Enjoy!


As an artist, I like the total plays (only).


As a user, I do not like the idea of sharing how many times I've played a song...  I am notorious for leaving one of my machines on while the music is still playing.  I know my "plays" count is totally wrong.  I don't mind knowing it per se, but I definitely wouldn't want it shared with others...


Additionally, my girlfriend has completely different tastes...  she uses the app more than me, so it's not really accurate for two reasons.


How and where is this displayed? I just want to see my individual play counts for a specific song?


@Derparella At the moment, play counts are only available on popular tracks for each artist in Spotify. We're bringing this to all tracks in the near future. 


Play counts are nice, and I definitely would not mind having them, but they would be 100x better if we were able to create smart playlists. We need to be able to rate songs as well. 


The lack of user sorting/filtering options is astounding.


Two questions about this feature:


When do you update or refresh the stats? Is it a regular 24-hour interval, I've never stayed wake until 00.00 GMT+0 which I thought might be a good candidate.


Why would the cumulative plays be suddenly reduced?

I just observed a drop of some -130,000 plays for Petri Nygård – Märkää





...and while mean...

Simultaneously with  the latest update the stats seem to have frozen to last Thursday, 

INCLUDING external charts;


awaiting a fix...


So spotify updated this and said it was implemented but it definitely isn't...I mean you can see the total play counts for the tracks for everyone in the world who has spotify but not your own personal play counts. It would be really handy to see your own personal play counts to know how many times you've actually heard the song and how many times it has popped up in your radio, etc. 


Does the dev team do a metric on these threads? In that case I'm still here thinking the same thing. Spotify could be ace at doing your music admin for you.




and postflooding