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Display total historical plays

On the top listened to songs for me spotify should show how many times you've listened to that song, like itunes e.g. does.


We're happy to announce that we've started rolling out play counts on top tracks in Spotify. Now you can check out how many total, global plays a top track has in Spotify. Right now, play counts are only available on top tracks in the desktop version but we plan to make play counts available on other platforms soon. Enjoy!


@chris111 We provide weekly reports to our development teams on the feedback from the community. Also, we try to limit post flooding with a few community settings 🙂 


I know this is an old post but is there any movement on this feature? It would be very helpful in my determining my top 10 lists at the end of the year.


@johnvasko This feature should exist on all tracks. Have you tried hovering over the popularity bar on tracks? You'll need to do this from within the album page but it should be there. 




You might want to check out this idea for a personal playcount. 😉


I think there should be a private counter saving the number of times the user already listened a specific track; the counter must be incremented only if the track has been listened completely.

This metadata counter should also be used in shuffle mode to give more priority to tracks played less.




i think this would be a very useful feature to have

I completely agree !!! This would be awesome.
Last fm is cool but a top 20 weekly list of tracks, artists, and as albums to quickly go to and click is an awesome feature. It's a shame we lost that on Spotify.

It's one of my main reasons for NOT subscribing. I won't go into all my reasons. Enough people have been explaining for years but it never gets us anywhere.


I don't understand why Spotify have the potential to be something special rather than just OK, but they just don't seem to want to bother. It's such a shame.




The status here is IMPLEMENTED. That's no longer useful if it was implemented then removed.


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