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Display total historical plays

On the top listened to songs for me spotify should show how many times you've listened to that song, like itunes e.g. does.


We're happy to announce that we've started rolling out play counts on top tracks in Spotify. Now you can check out how many total, global plays a top track has in Spotify. Right now, play counts are only available on top tracks in the desktop version but we plan to make play counts available on other platforms soon. Enjoy!


Re-bump. Paging moderators -- please see above.


This is wrong. Spotify only implemented the number of times a song has been played globally. The original idea was for something like a personal counter. Like how many times I've played say The Beatles' Happiness Is A Warm Gun. Make it happen this time.


This are only for the top tracks. We want for every song to show their streaming numbers like views in youtube. Hope u can consider asap


I like to see the total number of streams for every song, not only the top 10 songs. In addition it would be super cool, if these streaming numbers would be broke down in an statistics area of Spotify. In general a statistics area would make Spotify so much better than it already is 🙂


If this was implemented in Android and/or Apple, is there a way to enable it in the app?