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Display total historical plays

On the top listened to songs for me spotify should show how many times you've listened to that song, like itunes e.g. does.


We're happy to announce that we've started rolling out play counts on top tracks in Spotify. Now you can check out how many total, global plays a top track has in Spotify. Right now, play counts are only available on top tracks in the desktop version but we plan to make play counts available on other platforms soon. Enjoy!


i second and third and fourth this e-motion


wish list numero uno for spotify.

1. Play counts

2. Airplay functionality

3. Unlike, don't play again songs on playlists function


It says it on the facebook app. If you use it, it should be in your info. Most played songs and how many times you have listened to them, Thats the best I have found so far.


I still think it should be integrated with the app.  When I'm first listening to a new album, I'll often stop after a few songs.  I'd like to be able to come back and pick up where I left off, so that I play the album evenly instead of lop sidedly.


Full statistics for my spotify use:


Play count

Skipped songs

Amount of time a playlist is played



Maybe an optional setting for the more ar users (like me) so as not to clog up a neat gui.




I have recently been purchasing a few tracks and whilst I have a load starred, and a number of playlists, I think a great way of really understanding what we actually listen to the most (and a good guide as to what I would probably enjoy buying right now) would be to have a counter function that can be toggled on or off easily so you can sort by the number of times you've listened to a particular tune (or album, or artist etc.). To make this a really powerful tool you would have the option to limit by a particular timeframe. This is not difficult programming I'm sure.


Just because I star something doesn't mean I listen to it a lot. It could be for nostaligic reasons, but my current playlist is not always in one place (unless I can be bothered to keep making new ones, which we all know is unlikely).


The counter function would need to include the option to include a view with all tunes in all of your playlists. I don't know if that function exists yet either (I haven't really looked yet), but I'm sure it would be a useful addition. Look forward to any thoughts.


Cheers, Jim


ideally, 2 columns: both for my listens and the total global listens by everyone


Hey guys.  I've changed the title of this to bring a little more clarity to the idea.  Please keep the comments and votes coming. 


I listen to spotify an awful lot and when I visit my profile It does show "Top Artists" that I've listened to. It would be nice if there was a column that showed the play counts you have on certain songs so I could see myself just how much I've listened to certain people.

Also, I'm a premium member, however I feel this would be a useful tool for people using spotify for free would have (seeing as they are only allowed 4 listens of a given song per month if I remember correctly)



Definitely would like to see a play count for each song.