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Displaying album credits

I understand that including all album artwork is considered a premium feature, but at the same time, all people who participated in the making of an album should be credited for their work. Musicians, composers, producers, engineers and everybody involved - plus all the "special thanks" - people, deserve to be credited.


This could be implemented by simply displaying the album credits in text form, along with the original front album cover and tracklist. No lyrics, pictures or bonus features, just the credits. Not linking, but displaying the credits along with the album front cover + tracklist by default, in all versions of Spotify. The complete album artwork could still be a Spotify Premium-feature, with this approach.


This is not a feature for the listener - most people don't care much about songwriters or who plays bass on track five of this album, but from the perspective of the music creators, this is very important - their (ok, our) careers depend on these little things. Being associated with the music you've recorded (or written, engineered for et c) is still a very important part of building a career in this business.

Updated on 2018-02-05

Hey folks! We’re very excited to announce the launch of the first iteration of Spotify’s new songwriter credits feature.

Spotify users around the world can now view songwriter and producer credits for tracks on the desktop platform and on iOS. 

On desktop, simply right-click on a track and select “Show Credits” from the menu of options to view information on performers, songwriters and producers.


To read more about the information we're sharing please click here.

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I have made this suggestion multiple times with iTunes. It seems like a no-big-deal thing to do. I do not understand why they (Spotify, iTunes, and I assume other music services) don't do this.


We are coming up on THREE years that this "good idea" "kudos" thread has been going on.  I am surprised and dissapointed that it seems to be going nowhere,  given the obvious importance of the proposed feature (i.e. credit where credit is due AND credit where credit is enlighnening).  Can you spotify folks please push this through?




Please please please do something to add the production credits into the album info.....I'm not a musician, sound engineer, producer, or any other music studio profession but I am an audiophile who's enjoys opening a CD, pulling out the album art and finding out who recorded the album, who produced it, engineered it, mastered it, where it was recorded, etc....  This is quite possibly the only complaint I have with spotify and as a premium member, I feel like I should have access to this.  I used to buy at least one cd a month, and with the fee, I'm averaging about the same but without a collection now......can we please make this happen?  It's really cool to hear something and  then say to yourself, "hey, this sounds so rich and warm, bet it was recorded analog" only to open a booklet and find out it was indeed recorded at Abbey Road, so please please make this happen!


Couldn't agree more. I really would appreciate an answer to this question. 

So this has been open for 3 years and still nothing added.  Seems like this is bull**bleep** by Spotify.  Its been active.  How many Kudos does it need for a team to take action?


Will it ever be implemented? I would love to get this option on Spotify. It's absurd that we are not able to get the composers displayed, at least.


Let me add my voice to the chorus.


Liner notes and credits are particularly important for jazz fans. Often an album will have different players on different cuts; without credits it can be extremely difficult to tell who's who.

I agree, I wanna know who's playing what, where wad it recorded, what sample a cut had been taken from, their blood type, what they drink at Starbucks. Cmon spotify, if you can display the album cover, surely I can swipe and open the jacket?

I posted on this thread last Jan,  discouraged that it appeared to be a dead 3-year old thread, but just got some kudos recently,  indicating that the thread is still getting some attention...    


Does anyone know how we can take this "IDEA" further--- I mean, I think that the thread is probably in the wrong place...  giving names to the unnamed players we listen to is not just a good "IDEA", its kind of a moral responsibility.  


Perhaps this thread should be relocated in the general commuity issues.  


 I am sure that many of us would really like to see this issue get promoted...  massively kudo-ing may be a step... dunno..




Completely agree. There are many times I want to see who wrote the song or who played in the band, but don't have the info.