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Displaying album credits

I understand that including all album artwork is considered a premium feature, but at the same time, all people who participated in the making of an album should be credited for their work. Musicians, composers, producers, engineers and everybody involved - plus all the "special thanks" - people, deserve to be credited.


This could be implemented by simply displaying the album credits in text form, along with the original front album cover and tracklist. No lyrics, pictures or bonus features, just the credits. Not linking, but displaying the credits along with the album front cover + tracklist by default, in all versions of Spotify. The complete album artwork could still be a Spotify Premium-feature, with this approach.


This is not a feature for the listener - most people don't care much about songwriters or who plays bass on track five of this album, but from the perspective of the music creators, this is very important - their (ok, our) careers depend on these little things. Being associated with the music you've recorded (or written, engineered for et c) is still a very important part of building a career in this business.

Updated on 2018-02-05

Hey folks! We’re very excited to announce the launch of the first iteration of Spotify’s new songwriter credits feature.

Spotify users around the world can now view songwriter and producer credits for tracks on the desktop platform and on iOS. 

On desktop, simply right-click on a track and select “Show Credits” from the menu of options to view information on performers, songwriters and producers.


To read more about the information we're sharing please click here.

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It would be very interesting for all users to be able to access info about each track: writer, date, original version, covers, lyrics...

Today I'm doing this manually with my own playlists using wiki info and linking all together to a MySQL Database, but I think it would be nice if this info was in Spotify.

Another posibility is the ability to create customized data fields in wihich users could associate information located by themselves to some tracks. Initially this data would be only shown inside each user's own Spotify session, but maybe it also could be shared with other interested users.



I would like this feature too



Please add a feature so that we can see songwriting/producing credits. It really wouldn't be hard for you to do this. You love to advertise data about who is listening to what music -- how about showing us who is MAKING the music???


Totally understandable that it would take time to implement this feature. Totally NOT understandable that you wouldn't have plans to implement it, despite relentless requests from a very significant number of your users. Is there another update coming on this? 


Hear Hear, Credit where credit is due.



Wow, this feature is live now! 


So it seems Spotify has added this feature...but all my songs are blank. It looks as though the credits may be coming from the record company? Anyway it seems the next step is to make sure the credits actually get filled out for our songs. Also so far it looks like it's just writer and producer credits, not musician credits. So that may be the next fight.


Yeah, I would like the songs I release that are on Spotify to have the full productions credits, ie, music/lyrics writer, producer, musicians on each track and where in was recorded, maybe.


Anybody know how or if I can do this?