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Enable email registration to Spotify

It would be nice to be able to open up the registration system to more people not just Facebook. This idea will never disappear. I figued I'd post it here in this lovely new community of Spotify.


We’re delighted to offer our users yet another way to sign up to Spotify. New users can now get instant access to millions of songs simply by visiting and providing an email address and username. People can also continue to sign up and log into Spotify with Facebook across iOS, Android and web for easy access to the ultimate social music experience.


I am lucky enough to have started my subscription before all this Facebook BS was introduced.  I am a very strong opposer of Facebook and in my opinion it has ruined the way people communicate.  I won't go into detail as to why, because this is not the place to do so, but I can say that many other people agree with me and are firmly against supporting Facebook, even with a free account.  By forcing patrons to sign up for a FB account you are not only losing a great deal of customers, but you are upsetting many of the ones you already have.  This new trend is not just with Spotify, but with many other sites.  If you don't have a Facebook account, you are refused service by many other places as well.  It's awful and underhanded if you ask me.


I myself registered before Facebook account was required and was a premium member. After the update came I sent Spotify an e-mail saying that I won't continue my subscribtion if Facebook account will stay required for new members. I got no reply to my e-mail so I canceled my subscription.


Such a shame to waste wonderful service by such thing. I'd understand if Facebook was option but to require it... as a person who cares about privacy I can't tolerate such thing so I decided to vote with my wallet.


I will, however, renew my subscription if the FB account requiring will be removed.


I signed up for Spotify before the Facebook integration and don't have a Facebook account. I'd like to see cross-service sharing options implemented.


I was lucky enough to sign up before the integration as well. Definitely would not have joined had I been forced to use Facebook to do it.


i would like to get a direct login what it sounds like is a legacy login.  I don't want anything to do with facebook.  


why don't you allow users to break the link to facebook like other music services do?


This was a terrible idea.  I still enjoy Spotify, but would not hesitate at all to cancel should I ever be forced to connect my account with FB. 


I've also stopped recommending my friends to check out Spotify, due to the FB login requirement.


i had made my facebook acount only for Spotify... 😄

i really do not like facebook would be nice a integration into google +

Spotify should be open for everybody, without Facebook !!!


Mandatory facebook is the stupidest idea you have ever done. You don't have to remove facebook features, but you need to give an option to register without facebook like you had it before.


I have hade Spotify Premium for quite awhile and have been very happy with it.

So I recommend it to my friends and family, but since you need to have a Facebook account for this now that won't continue.

I myself and many of my friends don't wan't anything to do with FB. I've had it, and I'm happy that I no longer do.


Fortunately I can still use my own account without it, but none of my anti-FB-friends are able to get Spotify.


I guess this is a sad miscalculation by Spotify's marketingdepartment?


Please make it an option for those who wan't to use it connected with their FB-account.


Don't force FB upon them who wan't to enjoy the great experience that is Spotify!


I created this account through Sonera (a partnering company of spotify) without any Facebook requirements.


It was a really annoying and complicated process but I did it. However, this won't help anyone that is not part of Teliasonera or another partnering company. I wouldn't have had to do it if you just opened registration without Facebook.


Let everyone on, give a choice whether to log in with Facebook or not!