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Enable email registration to Spotify

It would be nice to be able to open up the registration system to more people not just Facebook. This idea will never disappear. I figued I'd post it here in this lovely new community of Spotify.


We’re delighted to offer our users yet another way to sign up to Spotify. New users can now get instant access to millions of songs simply by visiting and providing an email address and username. People can also continue to sign up and log into Spotify with Facebook across iOS, Android and web for easy access to the ultimate social music experience.


nphsmith - I've moved your Idea over here, as its already been mentioned. Feel free to Kudos this post and show your support. 

Sam, Couldn't you have moved it to this idea... ...which has much more kudos? Also I think there's currently 3 ideas asking for the removal of the Facebook requirement, it would be good if you could merge them, while retaining the unique kudos points.

I am ridiculously happy that I am grandfathered into Spotify without needing a Facebook account. I deleted my Facebook account long ago and am happy without it.


It pains me to know Spotify requires Facebook. I pay $10 a month to use a service that requires I sell my online identity to golaith Marketer Facebook in order to participate? WTF?


I love Spotify, but I have debated in my head if I should cancel my premium subscription in protest of the Facebook requirement.


Exactly, I was telling a friend of mine (who hates FB with a passion) about Spotify, and he tries to get it and hates me for making him get FB. So Facebook/Spotify ruins friendship. 😛


"By forcing patrons to sign up for a FB account you are not only losing a great deal of customers, but you are upsetting many of the ones you already have.  This new trend is not just with Spotify, but with many other sites.  If you don't have a Facebook account, you are refused service by many other places as well.  It's awful and underhanded if you ask me."


*Sigh...* You don't know how much I agree with you. I think Spotify signed some contract to partner up with Facebook. If they completely removed the Facebook feature, they would be breaking the contract and God knows what would happen. 


I think they should just make it to where Spotify allows you to create an account without **bleep**ty Facebook. I am wanting to disable my Facebook account, but it will prevent me from getting on Spotify.


Unfortunately they probably get payed more by facebook to do this than what they would get if they didn't do it.


So, in order to comment here you need a Facebook or a Spotify account? So, if somebody doesn't have either and wants to complain publicly about the requirement for a Facebook account - as they did in droves at the old 'Get Satisfaction' forum - they can't?


Well, how convenient for Spotify's PR. The only reason I'm able to comment here is because I have a 'pre-FB' account.


I am disgusted by Spotify trying to force people to share their personal data with a company noted for its unacceptable use of that data and its hostile attitude towards privacy. Zuckerberg described his customers as 'dumb f*cks'; who in their right mind would want to be associated with a company he runs?


Complaints at Get Satisfaction


Over a thousand people were sufficiently angry to comment negatively on this move by Spotify. Spotify should think again.


I think the OP here is written in a better way than the previous one. The comments and kudos from SteveBrammer's link should be added to this, but keep the OP here.


Anyway, forced Facebook is dumb. I'm really hoping that the Wednesday announcement that is being hyped by Cnet and Engadget is going to announce an end to forced Facebook. It's a good idea to allow the use of a Facebook account to log in, but forcing it is not.


I couldn't agree more! I deactivated my facebook and it reactivated it by logging into spotify... Last thing that I really wanted or needed. I'm going to be sad to choose the loss of spotify just because of facebook, I'm glad I didn't sign up for premium yet. Hopefully this will change soon.

Worst idea ever! I hate facebook, so never have and never will have a facebook profile - not even for the purposes of signing in to another app. Crazy! Ridiculous!. My brother is the same, too late to register with spotify directly, so he went with one of the other streamers. Glad I signed up before they changed this policy, must be really worth their while in coins though I guess. Shame they sold out to FB.