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Enable email registration to Spotify

It would be nice to be able to open up the registration system to more people not just Facebook. This idea will never disappear. I figued I'd post it here in this lovely new community of Spotify.


We’re delighted to offer our users yet another way to sign up to Spotify. New users can now get instant access to millions of songs simply by visiting and providing an email address and username. People can also continue to sign up and log into Spotify with Facebook across iOS, Android and web for easy access to the ultimate social music experience.


After reading all of the above post I really am thinking about canceling my subscription, I have been an Unlimited subscriber for a while, cannot remember details but I did not have to have a Facebook account to signup, my first inkling about this was when I kept getting a popup about face book, I jut ignored it and then tried to find out how to de-activate it, gave up. I do not like facebook and only use it on occasion, so why should I have anything to do with it to listen to my choice of music?

Now I have a tablet, but my unlimited account is really a limited account as apparently I cannot use an unlimited account with a tablet, and the worst thing is that to 'upgrade' I must pay almost twice the price per month, no way!

A moderate increase would be acceptable but double, not at all.

So I think I shall have a look for somewhere else.



Before the horrible day that is 22nd September 2011, you let everyone access Spotify, as long as they lived in a country you were available on.


Then you did the horrible thing: you restricted Spotify for Facebook users only. Please undo this, it prevents many of my relatives from signing up. I can't share playlists with them unless I use another competing service like Grooveshark, which allows everyone in. But they don't have an organized library or a great desktop app like you guys do...


This has been stated in soooo many different ways but since I pay for a premium subscription, I'm going to voice my opinion on my hatred (yeah... hatred) for the annoyance of this whole facebook concept. What seems to be overlooked by Spotify is that some people actually subscribe for MUSIC - I only want to stream and enjoy MUSIC!!! I dont like the concept of Spotify (or any other business) trying to strong arm me as a consumer into participating in social media and networking if I chose not to.


Or for those who have facebook accounts and dont want to connect the 2 services because perhaps we are sick of all of the facebook viruses, fake events, shoe ads & pics - created often by dummy/fake accounts, we value our privacy and we dont want that invaded by being forced to connect our music subscription that we pay for to a free service that shares information and is so freely and often hacked.


Whats going to probably happen is some hacker is going to figure out how to obtain credit card information by hacking Spotify acccounts thru Facebook - and by then its going to be too late for you to figure out this was a very stupid idea in the first place.


Good initiative, this "idea".


As I wrote in another forum here, I am in the situation where I bought a redeem card for my son and afterwards realised that he needs to have an FB account. Plain stupid. I have an old premium account and don't need FB.


I am a user of Spotify and I have a facebook account.  So is my 16 year old daughter.


My 13 year old son would also like to sign up for spotify and here is the rub.  My wife and I do not  feel my son is old enough and responsible enough to have a facebook account.  Bullying via facebook is rife in british schools so consequently we have prohibited him from having a facebook account.


Due to your facebook policy being the only means to create a spotify account, this effectively means we have banned him from spotify.


I am sure I am not the only parent with this view, so I think you have alienated a huge audience by taking this policy.


Please, dont force us to have facebook to create a spotify account.

I tried to help someone yesterday creating a spotify account, but it require Facebook.

I prefered the old fassion way before facebook integrations. Its easy and quickly.


If there has to be any community, I'd prefere Google+, LinkedIn or whatever. But not Facebook.


Thank you! I have many family members I want to recommend Spotify to, but many don't have Facebook! I think you should have an assortment of networks to login through, but also bring back just a Spotify account. Some of us don't care if it seems more convenient!


I will write this hoping that you guys read these forums.


If you allowed users to join without going through the Facebook API, you would be making a lot more money. There are many reasons not to want to intergrate through FB, but I hope that you still have some independece to be able to approve subscriptions without going through the big blue!

We pay good money, we should at least be given the choice.


Im with u gjbuset ..




Stupid. I want to sign up my daughter, and pay some real money for a sub. I *don't* want her to use Facebook. I did want her to learn early that musc costs money.


Why does the musc industry continue to make it so hard to give them money to be legal?


stupid stupid decision.