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Enable email registration to Spotify

It would be nice to be able to open up the registration system to more people not just Facebook. This idea will never disappear. I figued I'd post it here in this lovely new community of Spotify.


We’re delighted to offer our users yet another way to sign up to Spotify. New users can now get instant access to millions of songs simply by visiting and providing an email address and username. People can also continue to sign up and log into Spotify with Facebook across iOS, Android and web for easy access to the ultimate social music experience.


I received this e-mail from Spotify support team:

Hey, thanks for your email.

As most of our users are had already connected to Facebook, we chose to integrate Spotify and Facebook logins. We already use Facebook to power our social features and by adopting Facebook’s login, we've tried to create a simple and seamless social experience.

This means then, that all new Spotify users will need to have a Facebook account to join Spotify. We like to think of it as like a virtual 'passport,' with one less username and password to remember. You don't need to post your listening habits to Facebook and if you do decide to, you can always control what you share by changing your Spotify preferences at any time.

We introduced Private Listening mode, for example, to let you hide what you're listening to for a particular session.

Feedback is very important to us, so we always try to listen closely to what our customers have to say. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,


Spotify Customer Service - Cambridge


I wrote to them this:

As several threads in the discussion forum complains about, but with no answers from you guys. Why do new users need Facebook to use your service? I have friends without facebook, They don't want facebook. And then they cannot create any account for using your service.

Please remove that requirement that new users need that horrible service named "Facebook".


this is an idea and it is simple! just have a spotify account system option with fb or not  and if not create an spotify account option 🙂 simple as that ! why do companies that "say" they not getting bribes for the service make things impossible.


Hello! I really think you should take away your thing of forcing people into facebook. I think it's a bad idea and I know many people who would like to have spotify but not facebook and ends up by not using spotify at all. You should take it away....


I'm glad I'm one of those few who created my account before one was forced to connect it to facebook. Make it free again. Don't do an apple an restrict your users too much.... It's not good.


Yappiedo - I've just moved your Idea over here, as it's already been suggested.


I like Spotify but I am going to give it up altogether because of this Facebook mandatory sign in. I am deactivating my Facebook and do not want Spotify to reactivate it. Fix this and I will be back.


I really don't want my musical choices announced to all my facebook friends. It is none of their business! If I want to let people know what I am listening to, I will make that choice. I can't get over this-- I have a premium subscription and I will start looking for alternatives to Spotify.

You can disable Facebook sharing in Preferences.


I have an independent spotify account and even pay for premium but this is just not smart. Yeah a lot of people have facebook but i would try to find out how many paying people are signed up through facebook? also in my office of 20 people here in NCY 4 people do not have a facebook account and are not even thinking about getting a dummy account. In my circle of friends couples share a facebook account but would sign up for individual spotify account which is not possible. Some have children and do not like their 13 year old girl to have a FB account but would be ok with a spotify account. People used to have a FB account but had to cancel it due to work (lawyers; politicians; teachers; and finance people) but would continue listening to music. The list goes on and on. and on. 


I like Facebook.  I like music.  I like finding new music through my friends or social networks.  But that should be my CHOICE... not a forced method.  Spotify cites that one of the reasons is so people don't have to remember yet another username/password... um, many people use the same username/handle/password/etc.  across multiple sites, so that excuse is pointless.  But ok, for those who have never used an online identity/username/whatever - let it be their CHOICE to sign up through Facebook then... but not MANDATORY.


If I want to take advantage of your service and wander into one of the soundrop rooms to check out new music, I should not be FORCED to display my real name and picture (since you force me to use my fb profile pic too) to a bunch of strangers.  And I feel this is a safety concern - when you have young pre-teens and teenagers on here, also forced to display their real name and photos to strangers - do you not think they can potentially be preyed upon through your service?  


Spotify - all people are asking for is the freedom to choose how to use your site and service.  But instead all you offer them is the choice to use your service or take their wallets over to one of the many other music services out there.  

I really miss using spottily. Stopped paying and using the day they forced Facebook. I want to give you money. Kill the requirement.