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Enable email registration to Spotify

It would be nice to be able to open up the registration system to more people not just Facebook. This idea will never disappear. I figued I'd post it here in this lovely new community of Spotify.


We’re delighted to offer our users yet another way to sign up to Spotify. New users can now get instant access to millions of songs simply by visiting and providing an email address and username. People can also continue to sign up and log into Spotify with Facebook across iOS, Android and web for easy access to the ultimate social music experience.


I consider Spotify free is like a trial version without any expiration date, and that the cost of a such time extension would be at least equal to the Unlimited subscription so I think the pricing model is best as it is.


I agree. I signed up with an account SEPARATE from my Facebook, because I don't want these services tied to eachother and still I get the Spotify Social pop-up ALL THE TIME.(Every other minute or so. WAY too often. I'd say once a WEEK was too often and this is just ridiculous.)

I have said no. Repeatedly. If I change my mind, I will activate it - but that WILL NOT happen faster just because you spam me with reminders. More like the opposite. I am more likely to take my listening elsewhere thank to actually "Ok" a service I do NOT want - so please, please, pleeease - for the love of everything that's holy - quit it with the pop-ups!
Thanks in advance.


Please remove this FB requirement or just tell us that it's the only reason you are able to stay in business.  I know two people that don't use spotify specifically because of the FB decision.


I enjoy Spotify, but am disappointed in the leadership that they require the FB tie.

Recently they've enabled to sign up/login via email address in austria too (a few weeks ago you had to have a facebook account).


Unfortunately, you cannot disconnect your current user account from facebook. Therefore, you will have to sign up again and move all your playlists from your previous user to the new one.


Which is not as easy as it seems since there is no built-in functionality to export all of your playlists and according. I've also contacted spotify support via email to ask if it's possible to transfer your membership. Pretty disappointing anser: It won't work..


Anyway, I'm working on a solution and I'm currently studying the Spotify Developers API to write a simple app or something like that. Any suggestions or further information would be very appreciated.



I was messing around with the API to create a Spotify App and provide a solution which is deployable on most of the platforms (just as an app for your Spotify desktop client). Unfortunately, they've disabled the ability to get information about all of your playlists. It is possible to "listen" to a specific playlist and get updates and stuff but you can't just export all of your playlists that easily.

I still have to check out the C library (libspotify). Maybe there is a comfortable solution.

And still, I'm thankful for every input 🙂



Stay tuned 🙂


Add my name to the list of people who would not be a spotify user if I had not signed up before the Facebook requirement. 


I do not have or use a Facebook account and do not like the idea of doing it just to have a third party account.  Google auth I could understand but still should be optional. 

Status changed to: Under Consideration
We want to ensure that our users are enjoying the best and simplest possible experience. Given the popularity of this thread, we're going to mark this idea as "under consideration."

I'm glad to see that Spotify's year long experiment with forcing users to have a Facebook account seems to finally be coming to an end.

All politics aside, it was never a good idea to limit the base of potential paying customers to only those with, or willing to create, a Facebook account.


One thing that's bugging me is the weird use of terminology. "Email registration", what exactly is this? Spotify is the first time I've seen "email registration" come up.


For the last 15 years or so, creating an account for a service has been called creating an account for a service, not something stupid like "signing up with email". Creating a Spotify account should be called creating a Spotify account. If you're going for simplicity, this is something you need to fix.



So when you give us back the option to not use Facebook, I'm expecting to see something like this: "Sign up for Spotify: Create a Spotify account or use your Facebook account"


It seems like you don't need facebook anymore for registering on Spotify!? I will check more about this fact and if facebook isn't a requirement anymore, I will for sure begin to recommend Spotify to people again!


Because except the facebook requirement, I love Spotify in every way.


At the moment it's a bit weird. How it currently works:


When you visit the Spotify website, you are assigned a random ID, which is given to you as a cookie. Then, the website randomly decides whether you are allowed to sign up without Facebook or not. It seems to be entirely random, some people do not see the "sign up using email address" option until they clear their cookies and try again.



So when you recommend Spotify to people, there is a random chance that they are required to sign up using Facebook and are never given the option to not use Facebook. If I were you, I would not recommend Spotify yet.