FOLLOW artist from Mobile app

Status: Implemented

The ability to follow an artist from the mobile app is desired.


Hey guys! We’re now updating this idea to “Implemented”.

You may have heard about our new design we released this year. Now Spotify has a darker theme, refreshed typography and rounded iconography. You can now also "Follow" artists on your iPhone or Android.

You can take a closer look at our new design right here.


Hi all


I have just joined spotifuggle, I am gutted to learn that you can not buy your playlists, but before you could, I hope they reverse their decision what a fantastic service it would be.






I'd like to add that I want to be able to also ACCESS all who I'm following for easy new track retrieval, instead of searching the entire database of artists.


Pretty sure this is coming soon, I have seen a few screenshots!



Status changed to: New Idea

i want to follow artist from iphone, please add this feature 


New to spotify - recently switched in from Pandora.

Started using the mobile app after using the web page and the Mac OS app for a bit - figured i must have been doing something wrong since I couldn't figure out how to follow artists from my S3.

This would be a cool feature 🙂

I consider following an artist as a fundamental and potentially easy feature to implement for apps. It is irritating to go to a desktop/laptop version to follow someone.Please add it asap.

I'd like the option to group/sort the artists that I am following.  I'd also like to have the ability to follow an artist from my phone.


at the moment i have to start up the desktop client, go to my personal stuff top right (i wonder why that is hidden there) and find the list of artists i follow, then type that name in my tablet and find the music.... there are so many ways to do this better!

Agree, it doesnt make sense that I can't follow an artist from my tablet.