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Full screen artwork (for those late nite jams)

So.... it's Friday night, your friends are round, you've sorted your music for the night by queuing a shedload of music.... now we're on 'Play Queue' and I'm stuck looking at the interface - boring! It's time for some atmosphere - no need for fancy visualisers, just give me a 'full screen' option on the artwork for the current song!


Maybe we could even flip it over and read the back cover & credits too!!


Just like the old vinyl days.....

Updated on 2017-08-24

Hey @MandaGee this has now been implemented on our Desktop app. If you click on the full screen icon to the right side of the Play Bar, you'll get the artwork in full screen. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 1.56.19 PM (2).png


Hey folks! We're merging the "Full Screen view" (with 82 kudos) to this similar idea. We'll change the status here if we have any updates around this idea. Thanks!


Please, please, please, please, please Spotify, I would love you forever if this was a reality! I know it's "not right now," but when it is, I will be so thankful! 🙂


I really like this idea, and i'm glad to see that its at least being considered.


Ive recently dug out my vinyl collection, and, for me at least, half of the appeal of vinyl is the sheer size of the artwork.  Its one of many enjoyable experiences of listening to an album that has been lost in the MP3/streaming generation.  the only difference is that making full screen/larger album artwork seems to be a quick fix, theoretically.


i use the web player at work quite a lot, and its a bit annoying when you only get thumb nails of the albums on such a large screen. It would be great to get lost in artwork again...and then hopefully new artists/releases will have to up their game again for their album covers.


next stop...inlays!


This needs to happen, it's the only thing still missing from spotify's computer interface now that spotify direct has been added (well, 44.1khz cd quality would also be nice 🙂 ). I now do this on my mac mini with screensleeves, a 'now playing' screensaver for the mac - works, but it would be better if spotify offered this natively. The latest update of spotify broke the screensleeves functionality, which is a pity - please fix!


This is about the easiest most obvious and necessary feature.  Get it done NOW.  jeeze.  Go look at any other player and it has an attractive full screen album display only that also protects screens from burn in.  What are you waiting for?


Screensleeves is an album art Screensaver which works with Spotify and other players. (Current Spotify Applescript bug aside... there is a workaround - see 

Being a screensaver it operates fullscreen and has a number of themes including a 'fullscreen' theme with Ken Burns effect.


I'm just going to bump this as it was submitted back in 2012 and we are now in 2015 and we still don't have this feature.  As it stands now, I still use other media applications for when I have people over because the interface for the desktop client is boring.  I would be ever so happy to replace all the free services that I use that DO offer this for the service I'm paying for (Spotify)  that does NOT if you guys would implement this.



Hi guys! I created this little pythongtk application for doing exactly what you are requesting. I've only test it on Ubuntu, here you can download it

Then you have to run it like this: python


It has two modes, windowed and fullscreen (activated by pressing F11). Here is a screenshot:


Captura de pantalla - 250515 - 19:19:27.png



Adding my KUDO. I want the now playing song to fill the big window. Ideally, liner notes, lyrics... like the old vinyl days. But for now, just let us have an option for it.




An "almost fullscreen" mode seems to be already available, but is sort of a hidden feature. Since they implemented zooming the view, you can press Ctrl++ up to 8x, and if you set the client to a non-maximised window, you can drag its borders until everything else disappears except the album cover and player controls. See this screenshot with the new beta playbar on top in Firefox 39 while I was listening to my favorite Mix radio station in





If you scrobble to, you can also use their Now Playing feature in fullscreen mode with clickable links to more info.