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Full screen artwork (for those late nite jams)

So.... it's Friday night, your friends are round, you've sorted your music for the night by queuing a shedload of music.... now we're on 'Play Queue' and I'm stuck looking at the interface - boring! It's time for some atmosphere - no need for fancy visualisers, just give me a 'full screen' option on the artwork for the current song!


Maybe we could even flip it over and read the back cover & credits too!!


Just like the old vinyl days.....

Updated on 2017-08-24

Hey @MandaGee this has now been implemented on our Desktop app. If you click on the full screen icon to the right side of the Play Bar, you'll get the artwork in full screen. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 1.56.19 PM (2).png

Status changed to: Not Right Now


Hello folks, first at all, sorry for the delay on updating this idea. We have a lot of them coming in every day and sometimes it is hard to prioritize.

We really love this idea and we are actually considering now the album artwork view although not full screen. At the moment we are going to mark it as "Not right now" but check this thread out for future updates. We might come back to this soon.

Thanks a lot for all your ideas, we really appreciate this. 🙂


Great to see that Microsoft already incorporated this feature into their Xbox Music service. Its kinda eye candy!


Seriously want some large album artwork ASAP, you gotta see them photos, **bleep**in' 10, 100 photos for each band, that would be sweet.


I'm a big fan of this, have been wanting it ever since I started using the full-screen mode on my iPad. 


So... It's been a while. Any chance of an update on that status?


I feel like this one would be a quick win for your developers and greatly appreciated by all users.


This is crazy, how is this a not right now! It's the one thing that spotify doesn't have that I love about xbox music. I think you need artwork collages as well as the cool random facts that xbox music displays. check out their interface it's beautiful in full screen!


This is pretty much what I wanted to suggest aswell. I'd really like to see a beautiful, full screen view that shows the current song, album and maybe some photo's or other details. Many, many people are using Spotify when having people over, when hanging out with friends or when hosting a party at their house. At these times we need a way to have Spotify on the big screen, with major eye candy. A cool music visualisation option would also be nice (in addition to an album view), like graphics that change with the music (example, another example).


Really hoping something like this will be implemented. Steam's Big Picture mode shows that there's other companies thinking in this direction, and that there's definitely demand for it.

I would like to at least have an option for a Now Playing mode that shows the album art (maybe about 500x500) with Artist, Album and Track Title underneath in a good sized font (about 20 - 30 pts).

While we wait until the apps start to show large beautiful artworks (please, please, be soon), I wanted just to say that if you are a user, you can use Their way to achieve this. It's not nearly useful as would be if Spotify add this functionality, but it's close.


Link to see it without account


+1 for this idea. I often use the full-screen "now playing" mode on the iPad, and it works great. Would love the same thing on the Mac client. In my case, I spend most of my time working on an external monitor and keep Spotify open on my laptop's screen. The library and play-queue modes aren't much good for showing what's currently playing, and the various controls are small and hard to find.


Seems like a quick, easy win.