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Full screen artwork (for those late nite jams)

So.... it's Friday night, your friends are round, you've sorted your music for the night by queuing a shedload of music.... now we're on 'Play Queue' and I'm stuck looking at the interface - boring! It's time for some atmosphere - no need for fancy visualisers, just give me a 'full screen' option on the artwork for the current song!


Maybe we could even flip it over and read the back cover & credits too!!


Just like the old vinyl days.....

Updated on 2017-08-24

Hey @MandaGee this has now been implemented on our Desktop app. If you click on the full screen icon to the right side of the Play Bar, you'll get the artwork in full screen. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 1.56.19 PM (2).png


I don't see a full screen option next to playing?

Thank you so much!

Fullscreen button.JPG

For those who cant find it, here is the fullscreen button on the desktop application. 


Why can't we have fullscreen interface in window??? Please add that feature.


This feature has been removed since implemented in February? Don't tell me it's a Premium-Only feature! Album artwork is ESSENTIAL to the identity of the music you can't pick that out!


Okay, there is a fullscreen mode. But the album art itself is still very small isn't it?

I'd like to see it more in detail 🙂


No with the free Macintosh Full Screen Music App the album cover can take up the full screen, or being a large square. The art will move slowly up because the screen in rectangle, and the artwork is square. If you want to play Spotify i wt the artwork on your television screen, it can be done using the Am*zon Prime spotify free app. You would just run the red white cabbles from your router into your TV. I also run the audio through my stereo & speakers. Unfortunately when you do that, you quicly discover the awful sound quality of an MP3.  

That sounds cool, thx! Can you link the app to me? I can’t find it anywhere 😕

Can you implement some Artist and maybe album information in the fullscreen mode? 😉

Either way, I would expand the fullscreen aesthetically and functionally.



How do you make the album cover itself that large? On my screen it just takes up 1/9 of the hole screen. Is there a way to enlarge it?