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Full screen artwork (for those late nite jams)

So.... it's Friday night, your friends are round, you've sorted your music for the night by queuing a shedload of music.... now we're on 'Play Queue' and I'm stuck looking at the interface - boring! It's time for some atmosphere - no need for fancy visualisers, just give me a 'full screen' option on the artwork for the current song!


Maybe we could even flip it over and read the back cover & credits too!!


Just like the old vinyl days.....

Updated on 2017-08-24

Hey @MandaGee this has now been implemented on our Desktop app. If you click on the full screen icon to the right side of the Play Bar, you'll get the artwork in full screen. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 1.56.19 PM (2).png


 @EssDesS Do you have Premium?  It's required for this feature.


only for premium ?  ;(


the App Full Screen Music can do that. It doesn't display every album's artwork, but a very large percentage. Also be aware that because albums are square, and compter screens are 1080p & rectangle, it can't exactly form a full screen image, Instead in order to fill the entire screen, it has to scroll through covers as the artwork scolls upward.

hans-jürgen shows the currently playing track on your profile in case you are scrobbling your Spotify listening history to


I can't find the button, help please 😞


@gr33nmind wrote:

the App Full Screen Music can do that....

Seems as this App is only available for Mac...

Sorry I didn't realize that Full Screen Music was a mac only app. I'm not going to google it for you, but I'm fairly sure if there is full screen app for Mac, then there is one for the PC as well. It may be called something else, but most apps are initially designed for a PC. The PC version might have ads involved, but one surely exists.


This is not the best solution. Did you guys conduct a UX research? Please go back to the drawing board and find some users that like the album covers. Talk to people who believe that looking at the album cover is important and understand why they feel that way.

Spotify could be a great platform to browse album covers and see them with high quality. The cover adds to the narrative, there's a story there, and quite often the album art is better than the music itself, hence adding value to the experience you're trying to sell. 


Here's a hypothesis: One of the reasons why some people are passionate about Vinyl Albums is the appeal of looking at the big cover art.

Go and research that hypothesis. See if it proves true. Talk to people about that, conduct interviews.

If you can bring some of that experience to Spotify, you will likely get a part of that crowd and more subscribers.



Nice but the graphics are still in LOW RESOLUTION … please spotify… increase the quality of your graphics !