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Group Library by Artist then Album A-Z on the Ipad App

There are many similar ideas to this going around but I think this is the easiest way to implement a sensible library management system within spotify, by making changes to the Library system's functionality. It's slightly different to other suggestions which is why I've posted as a new idea. Importantly, this needs to happen on the iPad app.


This idea would simply allow people to have a "traditional" record collection within Spotify which is what many, if not most users actually want. It is similar (but improved) to the Rdio "collection."




Starring a song adds the artist and song to your library

Starring an album adds the artist and album to your library

Starring an artist adds adds them and all their albums to your library

Everything is grouped, first by a user determinable category, then by artist. Artist appears as a 1 line summary.

Buttons at the top determine groupings - A-Z then Artist, Genre then Artist, Decade then Artist

An A-Z filter allows quick access to Artist and Genre when in that sorting mode. This becomes a timeline in Decade mode.

Each time you drill to Artist there is a "more" button which links to the Artist Spotify page.

Rather than choosing to make all Library tracks offline this is done at Artist, Album and Track levels with a button by the title.



The Library system then becomes the ultimate collection management tool and playlists then go back to what they truly should be - mixtapes.


In my opinion this is the most important update to the iPad/Desktop/Mobile apps that Spotify could make.

Updated: 2015-12-14

Now with Your Music you can save and find your favorite Songs, Artists, Albums and Playlists all in one space. 

You can read more about how to use Your Music features right here


I support this suggestion.


This x10000000000. This is the reason I originally switched to Rdio. Recently I came back to Spotify and forgot about this problem. You're absolutely right; this is specially important for the iPod app, which has almost no coherant form of orginazation as far as what you've synced to your collection. It's so furstrating. 


Plain and simple, this functionality needs to be added.  It's inexcusable that it already doesn't exist in the iPhone app.  I'll never be able to fully jump to Spotify solely because of it's organization.  PLEASE FIX THIS VERY SIMPLE ISSUE.


Yep, would be much appreciated! (and weird it's not in already!)

We need to get more people behind this. It's the ONLY thing holding me back from switching from Rdio on iOS. Please more Kudos to get the attention that this deserves.

I truly support this idea. And yes playlists are good for "mix tapes" but not for organizing your music

Thinking about going away from Spotify. Only because this feature is missing.

This is the only issue that I really have with Spotify. If the interface was like itunes where Artist are a-z click on artist to see their albums this would be a much better way to access the music.

Please integrate this ito Spotify. 


That really is the most missing feature on Spotify!


Additionally you should be able to put artists and/or albums in offline mode.


Can't support this enough!