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Group Library by Artist then Album A-Z on the Ipad App

There are many similar ideas to this going around but I think this is the easiest way to implement a sensible library management system within spotify, by making changes to the Library system's functionality. It's slightly different to other suggestions which is why I've posted as a new idea. Importantly, this needs to happen on the iPad app.


This idea would simply allow people to have a "traditional" record collection within Spotify which is what many, if not most users actually want. It is similar (but improved) to the Rdio "collection."




Starring a song adds the artist and song to your library

Starring an album adds the artist and album to your library

Starring an artist adds adds them and all their albums to your library

Everything is grouped, first by a user determinable category, then by artist. Artist appears as a 1 line summary.

Buttons at the top determine groupings - A-Z then Artist, Genre then Artist, Decade then Artist

An A-Z filter allows quick access to Artist and Genre when in that sorting mode. This becomes a timeline in Decade mode.

Each time you drill to Artist there is a "more" button which links to the Artist Spotify page.

Rather than choosing to make all Library tracks offline this is done at Artist, Album and Track levels with a button by the title.



The Library system then becomes the ultimate collection management tool and playlists then go back to what they truly should be - mixtapes.


In my opinion this is the most important update to the iPad/Desktop/Mobile apps that Spotify could make.

Updated: 2015-12-14

Now with Your Music you can save and find your favorite Songs, Artists, Albums and Playlists all in one space. 

You can read more about how to use Your Music features right here


Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

My only issue with this is I think this should be in addition to the current "starring" functionality, not a replacement.

In other words, I'd like to keep the "Starred" playlist seperate from the proposed "Collection". It would be fine if everything that is starred was added to the collection, but I don't want to HAVE to star everything in order to add it to the collection. 


One of the worst things about Spotify is being forced to use playlists. Basic library please!


Yes please. You'll generate enough positive feeling to levitate... well, to levitate most things, I'd have thought. I'm fresh out of large nouns.


I totally agree, if spotify doesn't fix this issue in the near future, I'm pretty sure that it will loose its competitiveness. At least I have to think about an alternative service...


(But I don't want all albums of an artist to be added to my library when I add this specific artist to my library.)


@powlpowl, yes, you might not want to add the entire artist's catalogue to your collection, in that case the functionality adds the artist when you star the albums you like, allowing you to just add 1,2,3....albums from the collection.


But if you star an artist then it adds the job lot.


This could also tie in with the alert functionality mentioned elsewhere - if you've starred an artist, new releases get automatically added to your library. (yay!)


I would love to see this, I cannot understand why this hasn't been done already. How hard is it have a list of artists that you have starred? It would make spotify so much more useful.


This should have seriously been added from the beginning. I am currently paying for two premium Rdio accounts (my wife and I) simply because their library management system (especially on the iPhone) is so much better than Spotify's.

Rdio's library is also a little better than Spotify's for what I listen too, but that is mostly negligibile.


Add proper library management (i.e. "Add to Library" apart from starring and playlisting, also easy navigation of said library from within the mobile app, List of Artists -> List of Albums -> List of Tracks, sortable and searchable, and you guys will get a lot more paying customers, at least two right here.

I second this. Can't do much with the current implementation. I use playlists currently to save albums, but this is horrific because I'm getting to where I have way too many to manage. The desktop apps have a "Library" section. We need this in the mobile apps though.

Starring albums or at least the ability to organise playlists into folders would be very welcome.


Many User are waiting for that... since a long tim. But nothing happened.