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Implement a Recycle Bin / Deleted Items / Trash Can - easy recovery for deleted playlists

Have you ever had a situation that you have accidently deleted your playlist(s)?


If you have, you know how frustrating it is to start asking for recovery by the staff or

try to remember what songs were in the playlist you just deleted.


I'd like to see an implementation of a :


- Recycle Bin

- Trash Can

- Deleted Items


tyme of folder where all deleted playlists would go to and it would allow the user to restore the selected items

easilly for 7 days for example, and then after 7 days they would be removed - possibly still allowing the staff to restore

them after that.



This feature would help out when you delete a playlist in a rush and then notice it when you need it.

You would get it back ASAP without having to worry if someone at Spotify staff is awake and can help out.


my 2 cents.


PS. If it's possible to implement it to other items too (such as Songs).

This has been implemented! You'll find more info here.


Ever thought of Saving your playlist for backup purposes?

Back in the day when I used Winamp I always saved my playlists in a folder, so you always had all your songs

the the order you want.

 In spotify it's different, it's even more important to be able to save your playlists. If you accidentally delete, or you have a party and some idiot delete one of your playlists, it would simply be gone, you dont know exactly what 200 songs you had in that playlist..

PLEASE SPOTIFY; we need this, a place to backup our playlists, YOU make sure they get saved every 24 hours or whatever..


Thank you for sharing this nice idea. I added my Kudos.


Me too - definitly a nice feature to have

Brainstorming at it's best, smart one

Have you tried dragging playlists out onto your desktop? That should create a handy little backup.


And in the rare event that something gets lost, we can do our best to retrieve it for you.


I would like to store a backup-list on my local HDD. It has happend that people lost their songs, and copying the list into a text editor just give you thousands of links... 


Sometimes you accidentally delete a playlist and think to yourself: "OH NO!" I'll never get it back!"


Sometimes you login and all of your playlists somehow got deleted and you think to yourself: "OH NO!" I'll never get it back!"


Well, what if you could? This would stop people from contacting Spotify so they can restore their playlist(s) for them.


I've seen an increase in these accidental deletions.


There should be a built in tool/feature either in the client itself or maybe on the website where it saves a backup of each playlist and you can restore any one you want. 



I think a nice way to realize that feature would be a trash system, like we can found on Windows, Mac, Linux or most email applications.


When I delete a Playlist, it doesn't go to Nirvana, it just moves to the trash. And after a while, something like 30 days it disappears. But before the 30 days, I can restore my deleted playlist.


Yeah there are like so many forums posts every day of people saying they need help getting a playlist back. Something needs to be done about this. 




Where you agreeing with your own idea 😕