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Improve the Spotify experience on Sonos

Status: Implemented

Sonos users love their music. They love Spotify. But the interface for Spotify on Sonos is poor, way behind the competition like Deezer, Google, Napster. Improve the interface by adding radio, explore, and other functions available in the web version and Spotify will quickly regain its rightful place as the first choice music streaming service on Sonos.

Updated: 2015-10-14

We’re thrilled to finally announce that per your request Radio is coming to Sonos. Start a new station from the song that’s Now Playing. Or from a search of your favourite artists with the Start Artist Radio option. Enjoy!

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One of the reasons that we may not be engaging Spotify on this Sonos issue is that we have several ideas running related to Sonos and we are dispersed. So I suggest that we consolidate onto a single idea. Everyone supports it and we get up the ideas ladder. So I have created a new idea called "Improve the Spotify experience on Sonos", it has a tag of "Sonos". Please comment on it, add Kudos, tell people about it, and lets try to get it up the leader board.


Absolutely spot on IDEA that all of us Sonos users really need to get behind.


Spotify is the leading Music Streaming service and the Spotify experience on Sonos is the worst of all the music services available on Sonos.


We are strong advocates of the Spotify Music Service and as Sonos users all that we want, is to be able to combine our investment in Sonos Wireless Speakers and our Spotify Premium subscription with an interface that offers us the experience and functionality that we can get from all our other devices.


We are not asking for additional functionality here, we are just asking for the same experience on our Sonos devices as we have with our Web, Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop computer devices, surely that is not such a big ask?


Agreed on all points except one, I'm much less in love with Spotify and consequently much less of an advocate than I once was, indeed I'm beginning to go the other way (shock/horror).


The lack of this basic radio functionality on my Sonos system has forced me to look at other streaming services and the results have been quite illuminating, where I once believed Spotify was the clear leader in music choice and development I've been forced (by Spotify) to realise this is no longer the case, there are now a number of music streaming services that are equally as good and they have full integration with Sonos.


Anyway I need to go and get on with my work now but at least it's much easier with GooglePlayRadio serving up great Indie - sub genre 80's tunes over my Sonos speakers.

Fully agree, however I'm not sure who's to blame here, Spotify or Sonos?

Well, I know that for the Radio function at least Sonos put the blame purely on Spotify’s shoulders, but not sure if that applies to all of the other features.


Sonos and Spotify seem to blame each other. But they are both going to lose out if they dont find a solution. For me the biggest problem is that you can't use downlaoded playlists so you're at the mercy of the wifi connection. I did think about using Airplay via an Apple airport express and the ethernet connection but maybe it's easier to give up on Spotify and try one of the other streaming services... What would be good is if there was some sort of response from Spotify themselves... the silence is  not helping...


@Paul151 This seems to be the exact issue... You ask Sonos and they say it's Spotify's problem, ask Spotify and they say it's a Sonos issue... 



BOTH spotify and sonos are at fault here and both technical support teams need some sort of meeting together to try and work out the issues because there are deffinately faults on both sides.


Starting with the fact if you are signed into spotify via facebook you have to sign into spofity on sonos with some random number... Please sort this out. I'm not sure who's problem it is but at the very least have a help function that actually tells people how to do this...


The general UI of using spotify with sonos just isn't great either. 


this is something that should have been done ages ago. it's pretty ridiculous that people have been asking for improvements for years and the rest of the competition has had a much better sonos implementation for ages. the only reason I haven't switched to a different service is because I like the streaming codec Spotify uses and it helps keep data usage down with acceptable quality. 

New Sonos beta with Spotify enhancements Spotify New Features in v5.4 Beta