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Integration of Spotify and BMW Connected Drive

It would be great to be able to manage Spotify through BMW iDrive, either by a dedicated Spotify app on BMW system or at least by a connection of iDrive controls with Spotify app on the iPhone.

Updated: 2015-09-17
Since Spotify is now available for BMW Conected Drive on the iPhone, we'll mark this topic as 'Implemented'.

If you're on Android - please add your kudos to this idea here:
[Android] Integration of Spotify and BMW Connected Drive - Android


Thanks everyone!


for European Spotify users and BMW drivers, it's a must to have Spotify integrated with BMW ConnectedDrive.


why is it taking so long for BMW and Spotify to develop the specific software, while it's already available with MOG,...


is it a matter of weeks, months or never,...


would be great to have an official answer from Spotify....

thank you


If Spotify isn't going to even entertain the request to support BMW users properly then I too will soon cancel my Spotify account and switch to MOG... I already have Pandora and I only keep it becausae of its BMW connected drive / iDrive integration. Apple has a protocol called "iPod Out", it's a license that developers need to sign up for so they can develop apps that support the "iPod Out" features. iPod Out is not specific to BMW or cars, its supported in many docking stations and other devices. BMW's integration is 100% dependant on the now standard iPod out protocol. 


Spotify... get with the program, literally... Sign up for the iPod Out program at Apple and add this API to your code, otherwise simply come forward and say that you aren't going to support it and accept that you will lose the customers you're stringing along. If the customer base is too small then man up and let us know.


please do this!




I'm really suprised that Spotify is reading all those posts and not even taking the time to post a reply, come on Spotify please post an official answer with a detailed timeline of this BMW connected drive's a matter of customer satisfaction...

Thank you




Come on spotify!


Why not combine this:


with this:


(scroll down to "Software Development Kit for third-party apps" in the latter).


Anyone clever enough to create something?


I want this Spotify integration with BMW Apps. A lot. Please make it happen!


I will be cancelling my premium subscription if this is not done.


I'm really sorry to insist but what is the purpose of this community if it's not to receive any official response from Spotify... so again can we have some kind of offical position from Spotify...thank you