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Integration of Spotify and BMW Connected Drive

It would be great to be able to manage Spotify through BMW iDrive, either by a dedicated Spotify app on BMW system or at least by a connection of iDrive controls with Spotify app on the iPhone.

Updated: 2015-09-17
Since Spotify is now available for BMW Conected Drive on the iPhone, we'll mark this topic as 'Implemented'.

If you're on Android - please add your kudos to this idea here:
[Android] Integration of Spotify and BMW Connected Drive - Android


Thanks everyone!


Wired connection with USB is fine. Now work on wireless connection via Bluetooth as well!


I would love to be able to make Spotify my default music app in my BMW X5. I haven't used iTunes in years but it keeps launching it.


There are multiple threads on the BMW connected drive apps integration with Spotify. In the other "help" thread, its being highlighted that there are issues with the current Spotify integration with BMW apps in that the app is very unresponsive in iDrive. Takes anywhere between 30s to 2 minutes to perform action or update time/track info. Choose another album, etc.


Are other users having similar issues. Perhaps you can post your feedback in the other thread>


Again, though. This is using the USB cable and with BMW apps (So different to Bluetooth audio streaming - which has its own set of issues)






Thanks that Spotify is now available in my BMW. I hope the it will response quicker with the next updates. But there is one thing i miss in the app and i would like to know if i am just to stupid to find it:


How can i get an overview of the currently played playlist?


No your not stupid. I missing the current playlist too.


It is rather stupid not to have implemented the current playlist, i.e. the possibility to browse it and maby even select the desired song out of it. 😉


Spotify what you think about it? I'd say, playlist it is...


Anyone else "suddenly" able to play spotify via bluetooth? Its is showing title and album art and the steering buttons skip tracks. There is no menu integration just straight musci streaming. I now plug the lightning to usb into the cigarette lighter to charge thus avoiding the app to take over my iphone. It does though start with unknown in title but a switch to radio and back makes a good connection.


I did download the latest BMW update and the car just came back from a service where they mentioned a software update.


Maybe part of this but my trip meter in the split window also looks different. Sorry if all this has already been mentioned...




The spotify connect does not work anymore after the latest spotify app update.. I can only play directly thru the app not thru connect.

I have had the same experience as the poster above.  Spotify no longer plays through BMW Apps.  I get a message (something like) "App not compatible with vehicle."  Both apps (BMW and Spotify) are up to date on my iPhone 5S.



Same problem here. Error message on my iPhone 5s with a War and Peace notification. It worked 1,5 week ago and my X4 is about 4 weeks old. But when it worked it was really good.


Please fix or revert back to older version of Spotify.


FYI I received the following email from Spotify this evening:


Hello there,

Thanks for taking the time to report the issue you're having with the BMW app. 

Good news! We're already aware of the issue and are working hard to get this fixed.

We're sure you'll be playing music in your car again in no time. Just keep an eye out for any updates to the Spotify app as they become available.

All the best,




So at least that's something.