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Jam on Desktop app

Sync listening with friend on windows desktop app. Currently Jam is only available in mobile version

Updated on 2024-03-18

Hi there folks,


We're happy to let you all know that this feature has now been Implemented! You can find all the details on the topic in this announcement post. You're welcome to post your thoughts and feedback there as well.




Spotify does this even need to be a petition, seems like a release time carelessness which apparently still isn't been added..
Please add this asapp


When exactly will this feature come to PC? There are literal AMATEUR programmers who made entire sites to do this for free. Yet Spotify cant in 3 YEARS after bringing it out on mobile bring it to PC?


This company is honestly a joke. Why must this even be recommended to be on PC when its on the mobile App, its literally an existing feature. Bringing it out on PC isn't a new feature this is beyond stupid. 


Please bring this to pc!


There's a really weird work around if you're on Windows.  If you set up Windows Phone Link, create the jam session on your phone as normal, then open the Windows Phone Link app on your PC your current playing media will appear.  Play from there and it should come through your PCs audio.  Convoluted but functional.


Features massively missing on PC and yet available on mobile is not fair. PC should also have keyboard shortcuts.


Please can you update it already we want spotify jam sessions on PC!!!


Come on, add it already this doesn't even need to be petitioned for. Its an obvious todo


Definitely not keeping my premium which I bought just for Jam, now that I see I won't be able to use it on desktop while working.


Sync listening with friend on windows desktop app. Now Jam is available on desktop version.

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Good news! Jam is now available in the desktop app! 🥳 🖥️ 💻

Now you can start or join a listening party with your friends, family, colleagues, and classmates, with the Spotify desktop app in addition to the mobile app.


Jam is now rolling out to Premium users using the desktop app. Free users can join an in person Jam using the mobile app.


To see how to use Jam and post your feedback about Jam and the Queue sidebar in the desktop app, please check out the main post:


Desktop: Jam now available



Desktop: Jam now available