[Last.fm] Scrobble Tracks played offline

Let's have Spotify locally save all mobile offline play history and write it to Last.fm scrobble list when you turn it back online. Even better - a Spotify play history on desktop and mobile applications that tracks all play history online or offline.

Updated on 2019-07-11

Hey folks, 


Sorry for the delay, looks like this one slipped through! 


There was an update to Last FM last year which introduced offline scrobbling. The update also means scrobbling works on the Web Player and over devices on Connect. As mentioned by @hans-jürgen, you can check out the article from Last FM here.



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Adding my vote! This is the main thing keeping Spotify from being perfect to me. I really need this feature. 




Please tell me this has been done.

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Just throwing another idea onto this topic, I don't get how hard this can be to implement. If last.fm goes offline whilst you are listening, Spotify does cache your track plays whilst the service is down. That's gotta be similar code.



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I too think that this is a feature that is missing from the iOS application, and if the dev team could crack/prioritise this that would be great!


Yes, can you please make scrobble work on a iPhone!! Please!!!!



Spotify will be perfect if the dev team implement it. Deezer already scrobbles offline plays.

Please implement the function to scrobble offline tracks asap!


I also really want this feature. I upgraded to Premium this month and was quite surprised to find that it was impossible to scrobble offline. At the moment, it's currently the difference between me leaving Spotify and staying. You'd think for £10 a month this feature would be included?


Another one here who has recently subbed and expected this to be included. My itunes doesn't scrobble on my ipod anymore so I was hoping that this would replace it.