Let users turn off some or all desktop notifications, e.g. "Your friend ______ just joined Spotify."

So according to the @SpotifyCares Twitter account, there's no way at all to turn off desktop notifications. None. Which seems insane to me! Spotify is the only app that sees fit to blow up my OSX dock with notifications multiple times every week, yet there's no functionality to let me control which notifications I see - or even if I see them at all!


So, obviously:I'm proposing that Spotify let users control this! I, like most people, do not have a deep personal relationship with 100% of my Facebook friends, so I don't need to know whenever some random person I went to high school with gets Spotify. I have zero interest in sending them anything or interacting with them on Spotify in any way, so it benefits neither me nor Spotify to pop up that red notification and nag me to view it before it goes away. 


Anyways, yeah! This all feels super obvious, but since the @SpotifyCares Twitter account told me to post this here, that's what I'm doing. "New idea:" STOP BUGGING ME WHEN PEOPLE I DON'T CARE ABOUT JOIN SPOTIFY. USE THE OSX DOCK NOTIFICATIONS SYSTEM RESPONSIBLY. Thank you.

Updated: 2015-11-18

Hey everyone. Now you can go to your the Notifications section of your Accounts page via Spotify.com and adjust both your in-app and email notifcations. 






Yes please. Make it a function of the notification center in OSX, just like other apps. Or at least a setting in Spotify.


Please let me turn off the notifications, the red flag is so distracting in my dock!


Hear, hear. I love blinking things, but only if they tell me something important. Someone's updated playlist isn't (unless the updated playlist contains the new boards of canada, though). 

Casual Listener

Notifications have their place in every application, but in my experience they always come with some control over their behaviour. Some people love being informed about every little thing, but others would rather not know.


The recent addition of in-app notifications in desktop Spotify for OS X allows no control at all. 


Every time a playlist I've subscribed to gets updated, that's another notification. Because I have no control over how the notifications appear, they become intrusive. They catch my eye when I'm using the app, and when I'm Command+tabbing between applications.


Suddenly, Spotify is no longer my friendly music-providing pal - it's become a nag, endlessly pestering me with details I don't need to know.


Please, Spotify, give us some control over these notifications. Allow us to switch them off, or simply hide the count badge. Allow us to see the notifications when it suits us, not when it suits you. Thanks.

Casual Listener

Yes, please make it possible to turn off notifications. 

Casual Listener

Spotify, please adhere to this request. Freakishly annoying. Badges are for important things, not for nonsense-notifications.

Casual Listener

Glad to see this idea has traction among other users!




My votes for this one, the little jumping icon in the dock is distracting and not necessary (frankly I don't care that a playlist is updated or something similar) 🙂

This is the only annoying feature of the Spotify desktop client. Please please let us turn it off, I never wanted it and it forces me to click notifications just to clear it off every time there is a new one.