Let users turn off some or all desktop notifications, e.g. "Your friend ______ just joined Spotify."

So according to the @SpotifyCares Twitter account, there's no way at all to turn off desktop notifications. None. Which seems insane to me! Spotify is the only app that sees fit to blow up my OSX dock with notifications multiple times every week, yet there's no functionality to let me control which notifications I see - or even if I see them at all!


So, obviously:I'm proposing that Spotify let users control this! I, like most people, do not have a deep personal relationship with 100% of my Facebook friends, so I don't need to know whenever some random person I went to high school with gets Spotify. I have zero interest in sending them anything or interacting with them on Spotify in any way, so it benefits neither me nor Spotify to pop up that red notification and nag me to view it before it goes away. 


Anyways, yeah! This all feels super obvious, but since the @SpotifyCares Twitter account told me to post this here, that's what I'm doing. "New idea:" STOP BUGGING ME WHEN PEOPLE I DON'T CARE ABOUT JOIN SPOTIFY. USE THE OSX DOCK NOTIFICATIONS SYSTEM RESPONSIBLY. Thank you.

Updated: 2015-11-18

Hey everyone. Now you can go to your the Notifications section of your Accounts page via Spotify.com and adjust both your in-app and email notifcations. 






Anyone know how many kudos an idea generally needs to get before the Spotify team takes notice?  


I'd love to be able to disable those notifications.  I don't care when my friends join Spotify.  If I want to look at who I know that has Spotify, I'll look through the friends list.


This is a SERIOUS annoyance.


Spotify is a great app, but you do have competition, and this will definitely send me and my 13€ per month to some other place very, very fast if you do not take control of it.


From a developer-standpoint you can absolutely decide that you dislike, or may prefer not allowing users to turn off notifications, but you're being annoying here. And annoyance is not necessary. You have a great app, don't over-worry about the social aspect of it.


Just to be clear: this is a setting EVERYWHERE ELSE, facebook included (and this should be particularly important to you guys), and now you want me to forcibly see little red numbers evertime someone adds A SONG to some playlist I'm subscribed to?!? Wtf. Do you even use Spotify yourselves? Have you any idea how much spam this is when one subscribes to many playlists? (ingejanse is right y'know - this is NOT important, and hence not worthy of a little red number...)


Get it done. Now. This is not even a discussion.


- N


First of all, allow users to select which notifications they want. This is almost a web standard, as I see it. Even FB, your favourite bedfellow and evil corp, has it.


Then, make it a good thing, instead of an annoyance, by reshaping it as a follow system. You can follow an artists or a friend. If you do, you can SELECT to see activity from said artist/friend. Subscriptions, new tracks added to playlists, releases, favouritings even. But again; optional.


This way, you give us content through notifications and not just annoying useless non-info.


You have an awesome app, you don't need to be overtly social by forcing these notifs on people. (Just hide the options well, like FB.) 😉





I can't begin to describe the depths of hate I have for having these notifications turned on with no way to disable them.  I don't want text messages in the middle of the night.  So I am forced to "unsubscribe" to playlists to avoid that.  


The fact that I'm PAYING you and you force this on me is just insane.  I pay to remove this kind of stuff!  


If this doesn't change, I too am taking my business elsewhere. 



An option to disable the dock count (the little red number badge) and stop the icon from jumping up and down when the client recieves a new notification. 


A good alternative would be to implement OS X notification support, then the option to silence Spotify would be available in the Notification Center preferences.


Hi Spotify,


Please allow us to tailor notifications, it is really frustrating to be told everytime a track is added. I've unsubscribed to lots of popular playlists just becuase I can't turn off the notifications...


Whoever that is who came up with the idea of notifications in Spotify must not do any more User Experience decisions. Seriously, I don't care about who published what to what playlist and I am not the only one. The idiotic red number of "unread" notifications in both Spotify window and the Dock is extremely annoying. This is a very wrong perspective on "social". Not to mention that Spotify is  just a music player. If I have time to waste, I'd go read facebook updates. But please, don't bring them onto my desktop.


Not applicable

Please make the notifications optionable.


Yes, the iPhone app should respect if Spotifys notifications are disabled in Settings!