Let users turn off some or all desktop notifications, e.g. "Your friend ______ just joined Spotify."

So according to the @SpotifyCares Twitter account, there's no way at all to turn off desktop notifications. None. Which seems insane to me! Spotify is the only app that sees fit to blow up my OSX dock with notifications multiple times every week, yet there's no functionality to let me control which notifications I see - or even if I see them at all!


So, obviously:I'm proposing that Spotify let users control this! I, like most people, do not have a deep personal relationship with 100% of my Facebook friends, so I don't need to know whenever some random person I went to high school with gets Spotify. I have zero interest in sending them anything or interacting with them on Spotify in any way, so it benefits neither me nor Spotify to pop up that red notification and nag me to view it before it goes away. 


Anyways, yeah! This all feels super obvious, but since the @SpotifyCares Twitter account told me to post this here, that's what I'm doing. "New idea:" STOP BUGGING ME WHEN PEOPLE I DON'T CARE ABOUT JOIN SPOTIFY. USE THE OSX DOCK NOTIFICATIONS SYSTEM RESPONSIBLY. Thank you.

Updated: 2015-11-18

Hey everyone. Now you can go to your the Notifications section of your Accounts page via Spotify.com and adjust both your in-app and email notifcations. 





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Pretty please with sugar on top turn this annoying feature off.


Yes, this is a big issue with the Mac OSX version of Spotify.

Please see this thread for numerous complaints about it: http://community.spotify.com/t5/Desktop-Mac/Disabling-Mac-OS-X-Dock-badge-notifications-about-additi...


It is absolutely nonsensical that this feature was introduced without an option to turn it off, as it is a very distracting one. The badge notifications are for things that require immediate attention, such as a Skype call, IM, Email, etc.


7 Playlist updates + 3 friends that joined Spotify does not qualify for grabbing my attention.

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I am a paying premium subcriber and this issue is so annoying, along with Spotify's NON-Responce to numerous complaints about it, is making me seriously consider cancelling my premuim subscription. 


There is literally NO OTHER application that does not allow you to disable (pointless) notifications. This is not FREE software, I am paying for it (for now) and it's really completely unacceptable to have broken software like this. I am looking for an alternaitve now.




This is a WONDERFUL idea.  How about only notifying users of things that are relevant to their account.  Ideally you would give them options of when they would like to receive a notification, but at least QUIT NOTIFYING ME EVERYTIME A PLAYLIST I AM NOT SUBSCRIBED TO GETS A TRACK ADDED TO IT!!


i get dozens of notifications a day for  a playlist i am not even subscribed to.  i am tempted to start a new thread on this forum each time i get a notification, so you can get an idea of how annoying it is.

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Please. let. us. disable. notifications. 






i can't believe this is how you treat your customers! 😞


1.   Endless notifications are a primary reason people choose to leave Spotify.  I'm now weighing the pros and cons of my membership based on this issue.


2.   What especially bothers me is that I've carefully kept my facebook account completely separate from Spotify and your app has harvested my friends and thrust them in my face regardless.


Stop harvesting facebook friends and data to which customers have carefully refrained from linking.


There are too many useful music services for you to lose us over such elementary issues. 


1.   No, I don't want notifications and,


2.   no, I don't want mandatory facebook linking -- especially when it can't be undone.


Fix these things or you'll definitely lose customers. 




Got here through a quite extensive thread on the community forum http://community.spotify.com/t5/Desktop-Mac/Disabling-Mac-OS-X-Dock-badge-notifications-about-additi... Has there been any reply or statement about this from Spotify?


Or is this forum just as useless as the Apple Developer Support fora?


I'd like to be able to completely turn off notifications both on the main icon on the processline (dock in Mac) and the loudspeaker icon.


I don't care about the notifications and I don't want to see them.


Customization of which notifications to show could come in handy though.

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