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Make a gender neutral option for profile sign up

Instead of choosing from Male/Female I'd like to be able to choose Other in the profile options for gender.


I understand this is used for marketing purposes in the grand scheme of things, but many people don't fit

into the two categories offered.





Updated: 2016-09-16

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of a non-binary sign up option to Spotify. Starting this week, we’ve enabled non-binary sign up to Spotify on Android in the U.S., U.K., Sweden, Australia and New Zealand. The option will follow in more markets and iOS soon. Enjoy!


It disappoints me that this has been an idea for over a year and nothing has been done. It can't be that hard to add a third option. For marketing purposes, you could give us both. All it takes is a measly "other" selection box to win the respect and appreciation of an entire community and to make a positive difference in the world. Still waiting. I personally wouldn't consider getting premium until this has been done.

Yeah, even Facebook has managed to give people options.  What gives?

for marketing, literally just make it a hidden thing that it shows both ""male"" and ""female"" marketing to the "other" group, honestly please im so sick of misgendering myself for this stuff it's not even necessary

This hasn't happened yet and it is already 2015. This is very important and I would like to see it happen soon.

I just signed up for Spotify and was truly appalled that Spotify would not allow me to sign up without choosing one of just two gender options.  I understand that this has been a way to target market however, not only is it a myopic, I want to be clear that, as a straight woman, female, born that way, I find it offensive. It is important to me that companies requiring such labels, at the very least, attempt to offer choices allowing would-be customers the opportunity to answer with pride and honesty if they so choose.  To do otherwise demonstrates a dismissive attitude that is carelessly close to bigoted. To call it unbecoming of a company, in particular a company in the music industry, an intrinsically diverse business, is a gross understatement.


In reading through this thread, I am impressed with the deferential tone and I hope that the discussion can continue in a respectful vein. I also hope that Spotify chooses to make some changes ASAP.  This thread started in July of 2013.  The last comment was made in July 2015, two years later.  I am writing to make sure that the discussion continues.


seriously, it cant be that hard to add a third option for gender and set it so that all marketing is shown to people who choose that option. I joined today and seriously almost didnt because of the lack of a third option. please just add it its a simple thing that would have a big impact.


what the actual **bleep**? it's been literally 3 years, we're in 2016 now and people are coming out as nonbinary left and right, yet Spotify still refuses to acknowledge that there are people who are neither male nor female. I can't even sign up for spotify (with a new account, this is my old one from when i mistakenly thought i was cis) because there's no option that i am even the slightest bit okay with choosing on their signup form.


I think that something very important that should also be available is the ability to change your username for a similar reason. For example two of my friends in addition to me have had this problem where they made an account before coming out and now are stuck with an account with their birthname in the username.


Just signed up for Spotify (again) today for the first time in years.


Found it bizarre that I still had to enter a gender.


Just infer "gender" from music tastes if it is that relevant to marketing.


I have my Facebook gender set to neutral, yet Spotify has assigned me as "male" and I'm unable to change this.