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Make a gender neutral option for profile sign up

Instead of choosing from Male/Female I'd like to be able to choose Other in the profile options for gender.


I understand this is used for marketing purposes in the grand scheme of things, but many people don't fit

into the two categories offered.





Updated: 2016-09-16

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of a non-binary sign up option to Spotify. Starting this week, we’ve enabled non-binary sign up to Spotify on Android in the U.S., U.K., Sweden, Australia and New Zealand. The option will follow in more markets and iOS soon. Enjoy!


I agree. While this problem doesn't concern me, I do think Spotify should allow people to be gender neutral / other.

Status changed to: Implemented

Yeah, this should be a given in 2013.


I agree. The closer we are to fair and just treatment of everyone, the better.


Hate me if you want, but you could simply choose the same as it says on your ID card or driving license?


I am sure there will be efforts to change that on govt IDs too, Spotify is a lower hanging fruit, and it'll send a powerful message to every spotify user about the company's values. I am sure people who feel themselves fitting in neither category resent being forced into it on Givt IDs as well, but that is a longer and harder struggle.


I am so fully in support of this. I just emailed support about it, in fact. I'm neither male nor female, and I can't complete the form.


>Hate me if you want, but you could simply choose the same as it says on your ID card or driving license?


Not necessarily. Driving licences don't actually have a sex or gender marker on them, not even a title most of the time, and lots of ID cards don't need them because there's a photo on there anyway.


Passports have a sex marker on them, but not everyone has a passport. Our systems are progreammed to accept foreign passports with X instead of M or F on them, and there's parliamentary stuff in the early days of allowing X on British passports too.


Even on GP records it's possible to have "sex not specified". Lots of people aren't one or the other.


Helpful note: sex is what's going on with your body, reproductive organs etc. Gender is how you feel. The word for sex not-just-male-or-female is intersex, and for gender it's nonbinary; nonbinary has many many subsections.


I totally support a third (or more) gender options.


>Hate me if you want, but you could simply choose the same as it says on your ID card or driving license?


I'm a New Zealand spotify user and:


Transgender people wanting their New Zealand passports to record their preferred gender status can have an X, instead of M or F, in the sex field, even if their birth certificate has not been altered. They must provide a statutory declaration that they live as their preferred gender. Post-operative transsexuals can have the sex in their passports changed to their new sex (M or F, rather than X).


Sex is not shown on a driver’s licence.


I'm just pondering on the marketing thing. Someone who is neither male nor female on the record wouldn't currently be able to have anything advertised at them.


Could a nonbinary person basically declare that they want to be in both categories?


So instead of saying "What's your gender? Male/female" it could say "for the purposes of marketing, would you like us to consider you: Male/female/both?"


Edit: Even Google has an "other" option for gender. 🙂

Status changed to: Implemented
I was going to close this, but on second thought this is something I'd like to review further. I'm going to see if I can have an internal discussion and get back to you.