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Make a gender neutral option for profile sign up

Instead of choosing from Male/Female I'd like to be able to choose Other in the profile options for gender.


I understand this is used for marketing purposes in the grand scheme of things, but many people don't fit

into the two categories offered.





Updated: 2016-09-16

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of a non-binary sign up option to Spotify. Starting this week, we’ve enabled non-binary sign up to Spotify on Android in the U.S., U.K., Sweden, Australia and New Zealand. The option will follow in more markets and iOS soon. Enjoy!

I'm glad to see that this is being considered. As far as the advertising concerns, I'm sure advertisers will be willing to make assumptions about non-binary folks just as much as they are about binary people.

I'd prefer to just get rid of the gender question all together. I give spotify some money every month. My gender is none of their business.


IMHO your sex is always somehow defined. How can you not be man or woman? Don't know, what's going on on other sides of globe though. Is there any third sex i'm not aware of?


>IMHO your sex is always somehow defined. How can you not be man or woman? Don't know, what's going on on other sides of globe though. Is there any third sex i'm not aware of?


It's called intersex, ie: a mixture of male and female sexual characteristics. So bodies can be male/female/intersex.


Gender is different to sex. Transgender people can have genders that don't match their sex assigned at birth, and sometimes require sex reassignment surgeries and hormones. Gender is the identity/presentation one, so it's about how you feel and how you present yourself to the world. I imagine gender is the one Spotify want to know about for marketing etc, since genitals are not very relevant to music tastes or purchasing habits. Gender-wise, you can be a man or a woman or nonbinary, ie: neither, both, something else, or it varies. Any of these are possible regardless of your sex, so you can be a nonbinary person of female sex, a woman without breasts, a man with a uterus, etc.


Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Germany all recognise a third sex legally in some way. There is an early day motion in UK parliament right now regarding the legal recognition (or lack thereof) of nonbinary and intersex people:


So if you're in the UK and you're nonbinary or want to support people who are nonbinary, please consider writing to your MP and asking them to sign this EDM. It takes 5 minutes to find out who your MP is and type a brief email on


Your response to this idea will only directly impact a small percentage of your users but it will say a lot about you as a company to a much wider audience - I hope you implement this. 


@Spotify-- are you considering a solution to this issue?  A lot of your users, myself included, are incredibly passionate about this as is affects us directly.  I personally have ended my spotify payments until there is at least the option "not specified" for those of us who do not identify as male/female.  Or maybe even an "other" box where we could write it in our gender?  As an organization who promotes the music of Transgender artists I would think this would have already happened.  This would certinaly be an important step in ensuring your users continue to use this as their medium for streaming music.


I would like to add my wholehearted support for this idea! Please do this, Spotify! You cant really arge making such a change would affect your ad stats/revenue since Facebook went all-out with a more-or-less diy option, and they make essentially all their money from ads. So. What are you waiting on??

Status changed to: Implemented

As a Seattlelite, find it odd that a business trying to keep a "hip" profile would not have spent a couple of hours of software development time to update this option. A suggestion from a local college's application:




I just want to bump that. I mailed to contact and jhope that doesnt gets deleted instantly.


I just want to have the choice.. yeah, marketing, but thirowing gendered marketing stuff at me wont get spotify any approval or success in marketing.

It would be easier to sell a sofa to a rhino (well, maybe it likes it) and shoving me with gendered advertising just gets me annoyed, because it  shows that I (or nonconforming people as a group) just dont exist in the mind of enough people. which is sad.


So if you want to have info for advertisement(well you arent allowed to use the data anyway, unless the check-boxed in the account are pure decoration) just let us choose themes or such, or put in a new field: neither or unspecified. (well that would net spotify a bit of data for that group too..)