Merge duplicate idea threads

There are getting to be a lot of ideas posted in this forum. New ideas threads typically float to the top and so get a few votes until more new ideas are posted and they drop to page 2. However, quite often new ideas will be duplicates of ideas that have already been posted.


If this continues this forum becomes less than useful - for customers as well as for Spotify to guage interest. 


Often someone will post a comment linking to the duplicated thread.


Please start merging new idea threads with their older, duplicated versions.


As this Community is still in Beta we're still figuring out the best way to do things. So right now we are looking into how to prevent duplicate ideas from being posted - perhaps we can make the search feature more prominent somehow, for instance. So keep an eye out for changes in future.

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Status changed to: Implemented
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We've had a little play around and we're trying some basic merging of ideas threads at the moment. Hopefully this should clear things up a bit. 

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Thank you.

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Is there any particular way in which we need to notify you of a duplicate? You guys having to Read through all the threads and trying to spot the one comment that says 'this is a duplicate' seems a bit inefficient


This explains why I suddenly appear to have asked for an original thread to be locked :-D.

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If you find any duplicate threads, private message one of our moderators and we'll merge the threads for you.  Thanks guys.  

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Am I being blind or is there no PM capability yet? The help pages say there should be a PM icon (envelope) at the top of the screen with a message count next to it. Nothing there for me