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[Mobile] 'All Offline Tracks' in Main Menu

It would be really easy and smart to have a single option in the main Mobile menu that says "All Downloads," and to allow users to filter this list by album, artist, label, compilation or playlist. 


So much easier than the current method of having to find downloads via routes you already created. More importantly, your current avenues for seeing what has been downloaded does not always reveal all downloaded content -- even if it has been downloaded and marked "available offline."

Updated on 2019-12-04

Hi everyone.

It's now possible to filter Playlists, Albums and Podcasts by Downloads. Since this was the core of this idea we're setting this to Implemented.

Compound ideas are often hard to set to implemented because of the combination of requests, to that end, if anyone would like additional features we recommend creating a new and separate idea per feature.



Don't forget android! This would be a very nifty feature.


Exactly! This would make managing disk space a lot easier! 

Status changed to: Up for Votes
Updated: 2016-03-01

Marked as New Idea and edited title to make it easier to find via search.


Agreed, this would be much easier to find music to listen too offline and also manage space etc...

.This is absolutely something i agree with. And I find it real strange this isnt alteady implemented.
Its not logical to try and remember if you downloaded a certain song or album, and then search for it...

I agree!


Offline songs should be easily accessible in the Menu. Right now, both "online" and "offline" songs are treated equally in "My Music" but offline songs should be prioritized. If I'm specifically saving an album for offline playback, then I should have a quick access to it, otherwise I would just "save" the album like I normaly do. 


Thanks for pointing my duplicate here!  I use Spotify offline or with poor service a lot, and just like to conserve data, and having an automatically generated playlist sort of thing with all the offline music would be great!




I have recently created a prototype which is similar in idea to this, you can see ther FramerJS prototype live here




I like you prototype! It's a step in the right direction! Personnaly, most of the time, I'm not offline, but I want to save bandwidth since I only got 1GB/month (welcome to Canada). I think offline songs should be prioritized in "Your Library" when you are connected to cell service. 



Thank you for pointing my duplicate here!!


This is exactly what I suggested in my idea: 


Today my iphone told me that I was running out of free space in my 64G memory.

I decided to remove some offline albums in spotify and the task was harder than it should. It would be great if you created a section within "your library" to easily access albums, songs and playlists that have been previously downloaded and are available offline.

Just to make our life easier when it comes to find (or delete) the music we have available offline.