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[Mobile] 'All Offline Tracks' in Main Menu

It would be really easy and smart to have a single option in the main Mobile menu that says "All Downloads," and to allow users to filter this list by album, artist, label, compilation or playlist. 


So much easier than the current method of having to find downloads via routes you already created. More importantly, your current avenues for seeing what has been downloaded does not always reveal all downloaded content -- even if it has been downloaded and marked "available offline."

Updated on 2019-12-04

Hi everyone.

It's now possible to filter Playlists, Albums and Podcasts by Downloads. Since this was the core of this idea we're setting this to Implemented.

Compound ideas are often hard to set to implemented because of the combination of requests, to that end, if anyone would like additional features we recommend creating a new and separate idea per feature.



This is hugely useful as I dont want to have to tick every song in every playlist i offline. Somtimes I'll just want a random mix of things and offline multiple playlists. 


I want to play ALL DOWNLOADED songs randomly by click of a button. This is kind of working in "Your Library/Songs", BUT now, for example, i have downloaded the Eurovision song contests playlist songs, but it does not show up in there , for some reason it shows only one song. I have to go to the specific playlist to play it. Also a lot of earlier downloaded songs have disappeared from the list, even if they are still saved and cached in my (Android) phone.


Shuffle not working on the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro (watch) is extremely irritating. Having Spotify on your wrist as a runner/biker/athlete is a complete Godsend. However, NOT having the ability to shuffle the songs makes it 100% pointless. Using the "offline" feature you can take a playlist you've created and locally cache it on your watch; wonderful. Then to play it, you pair your bluetooth headphones and hit the "Shuffle Play" button. It will start playing but does NOT shuffle at all. You will listen to the same songs, in order, every time. Have a playlist of 100 songs? Too bad, you'll only get to the first couple songs workout after workout because although the button SAYS shuffle, it lies. 


Why is this such a difficult thing? Why has this not been fixed?

PS: The documentation on the Spotify website says the following, "Note: If you have Spotify Free, it’s only possible to listen with Shuffle Play and skip tracks 6 times per hour." This means that people who aren't even paying for Spotify Premium get the innate ability to shuffle play but Premium users don't. How shitty is that?


Would be very nice if i could have a list with all downloaded songs. Everytime i have to search. And sometimes i want to hear all songs in shuffle. But until now its only in aylists.


Would be nice!

Just fire up the app, hit shuffle and songs flow


Just chiming in to say that I completely agree with this and it needs more visibility. My mobile device's storage space fills up quickly, and sometimes I don't even realize what stuff has been downloaded and is taking up space because it's so hard to located all of it in one convenient location. It blows my mind that there isn't a "downloaded content" item in the main menu.


Please, reinstate the download section. It doesn't make sense not to have it available for users.



I was pointed by Marco to this idea, because mine was labeled as dublicate. However, I find my idea more complex and as extended version of yours. So I'll post it as comment here. I hope it will help to build a better functionality in result! Cheers!



At the moment we have an offline mode switch and downloads filter. Neither gives you ability to use Spotify mobile app as a 100% regular portable old-school player. Yes, an attempt was made in this direction. But when I browse my library, in offline mode switch engaged and Wi-fi off I still see content that is not playable. "Downloads" filter works somehow: ok in Songs, still not perfect in Artists: I filter by Downloads and I can find an artist without any songs playable. Song number is irrelevant to playable songs.


Description of idea:

  1. Playable=Displayable. You see what you can play in every tab (Artists/Songs/Playlists/etc.) without a need for Downloads filter setting. Let's call it "Portable player" mode. Should be a sub-setting of offline mode switch, cause one still may like to see the structure of his library while in offline.
    1. Song quantity shows available offline tracks quantity in "Portable player" mode setting engaged.
  2. Switch between online and offline mode automatically depending on network setting/condition and cellular data usage setting (Spotify mobile app setting). Separate setting: "Switch online/offline automatically".
    1. Don't switch to online mode if the setting for "Switch online/offline automatically" is OFF even if Wi-fi or cellular data connection is available. One might like to use his "Portable player" mode and still browsing on the Internet. 
    2. "Switch online/offline automatically" should be easy reachable.
  3. Graphical indicator of modes:
    1. Online mode
    2. Offline mode
    3. Portable player mode (which is actually a sub-mode of offline mode).

Exactly. There could be tracks downloaded in playlists, albums, songs, etc. To complex to track all them down if you have a big structure. 


Completely agree. It’s one of the things I miss from Apple Music. 


Maje it it simple to find all downloaded songs