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Mobile App Sort and Search

Due to having a conservative bent about mobile bandwidth, I do all my music discovery, starring and playlist editing at the computer, then sync to mobile everything starred and a subset of playlists. Once truly mobile (i.e. away from WiFi, away from PC) I don't download any music. None. Zilch. The offline play is a HUGE feature to me.


So - why so hard to search for a song that's already on the iPhone?  If all I wanted was blind random shuffle, guess what I'd buy? An iPod shuffle (and I don't want one).


No sort-by-artist. No sort-by-title. I need to the ability to search within what's already on the iPhone, NOT what's on the internet.


You've made it rather difficult to find and play what I've already decided to sync-to-mobile. Please make it easy.

Hey guys. We've implemented this on Android but please feel free to pop over to this idea and vote on the search filtering for iOS.



Sort by added date.


Having large playlists I want to liste to the latest additions and start downwards. Now you have to scroll down to the latest added which is the latest song in the list. Then you have to manually work your way uppwards in the list. That's just plain stupid. 


Has there been anyword from spotify on this matter? Cause so far i havnt found any other flaw with the mobile app apart from this, but i have to say this flaw is so big it makes me want to cancel my spotify premium


Having large playlists I want to listen to the latest additions. Now you have to scroll down to the latest added which is the latest song in the list. Then you have to manually work your way uppwards in the list. That's just plain stupid.


Yeah, some sorting options for the mobile version would be very helpful. E.g. by Artis name, Track name, time added to playlist, etc.

Would love to have some sorting options on mobile. Kind of bizarre that there aren't any. I tend to want to hear the newest music added to my playlists first but spotify puts those at the bottom of playlists. And there is no way to sort by most recent on mobile. Just annoys me really. Was definitely something I appreciated with iTunes.

Again, it's either this or sorting on the mobile app.


I think there must be duplicates of this idea, because there's no way it has so few kudos...

This is just essential, basic use of the application. 😞

Sometimes I am very sad this is the only app of its kind, I think the lack of competition makes dev teams ignore non-fancy requests...


An option to sort playlists (artist, song or album name) and the ability to search in ONE playlist would be awesome.

I've paid for Mog and Rdio but Mog is SLOOOOOW (and always crashing) and Rdio . . . I forgot why I didn't like it so when I started using Spotify, I was thrilled at the quality of the app but when I saw there wasn't VIEW that GROUPED - not simply sorted - by artist and album, I was shocked! As another user stated, once you start adding songs, it's impossible to keep things straight using only playlists. PLEASE ADD A "VIEW" option and I'll subscribe again - seriously that's the only reason I canceled!

Yes agree! Something exactly like the artist/album views available in the online Search tab would be wonderful. Or even the same thing as the "View as Album List" from the desktop app.  The "search" feature is ok, but I'm often browsing a collection as opposed to searching for something specific.


The search feature also makes it weirdly awkward to play a local album. When I find the album via search, then click the "i", then click the album view, it just spins the waiting icon forever if the file isn't in spotify's library, even though I have the album + art locally.