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Due to having a conservative bent about mobile bandwidth, I do all my music discovery, starring and playlist editing at the computer, then sync to mobile everything starred and a subset of playlists. Once truly mobile (i.e. away from WiFi, away from PC) I don't download any music. None. Zilch. The offline play is a HUGE feature to me.


So - why so hard to search for a song that's already on the iPhone?  If all I wanted was blind random shuffle, guess what I'd buy? An iPod shuffle (and I don't want one).


No sort-by-artist. No sort-by-title. I need to the ability to search within what's already on the iPhone, NOT what's on the internet.


You've made it rather difficult to find and play what I've already decided to sync-to-mobile. Please make it easy.

Hey guys. We've implemented this on Android but please feel free to pop over to this idea and vote on the search filtering for iOS.

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To arrange Spotify playlists you need a pc (or mac). I think this is a big disadvantage. More and more people are using a Tablet or Mobile devide to listen to Spotify. When using a device like that, you want to be able to easily add new albums and playlists, basically you want to have (almost) the same functionality as on the PC.

Spotify is, in my opinion, following the wrong strategy by focussing so heavily on their PC-application.  


Also there seems to be a lot of fragmentation: the IOS and Android app are totally different. I don't know how the Windows Mobile version looks, but this makes is far more diffucult to create a user experience that guarantees the same level of satisfaction on all systems. Adnroid users already feel treated as less important.


So my ideas: 

- Implement the basic features of the PC application in all the mobile applications (arranging playlists, sorting playlists, creating folders, spotify apps)

- Create one user experience on all (mobile) devices. 





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No comment from Spotify staff yet? I'm really curious about why sort options is so hard to implement? Starred tracks are sorted by the date they are added in decending order. Why cannot this be done with all the other playlists??

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Let us sort by Artist, Album, Track, Genre and release year. Not rocket science.
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I agree, please bring Spotify Apps to mobile!


Yes!!! this is a great idea that would be really helpful when we are looking to skip to a specific song. currently, I use the workaround of searching for that song & then queueing it up next, but this becomes really hard when there are many different songs you want to play next.

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Hello there!


I´ve just merged two ideas in to this one because the three of them were requesting sort of the same thing (improve our phone app), like this the idea will get more kudos.

I have added the kudos from your original ideas. 


We are here and listening, we are working on all of your ideas and we update them as soon as we can. We really appreciate your contribution here.



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Hi Rocio, I think there are more versions of this idea that you can merge, for example this one:
 (and I am sure if you search you'll find many more)

This is the most surprising thing to not have been solved for such a long time (while other more difficult to implement features have been added, like the radio). 


To Rocio & the Spotify Team: The improvements in the iOS app since I started this thread are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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@discobanco: this is now merged....thanks! I will merge all the ones related to this matter, I am working on it, thanks for your contribution, I really appreciate it! All the team is working on this, I will keep you all posted. 


@kelvin0mql: thank YOU! as I said, we will update this as soon as we can.



Best ;)




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 kelvin0mql I am an android user, is there sorting/searching in iOS? I knew there was radio, but the rest is new to me... I'll have to change to an iPhone :smileymad: