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Mobile App Sort and Search

Due to having a conservative bent about mobile bandwidth, I do all my music discovery, starring and playlist editing at the computer, then sync to mobile everything starred and a subset of playlists. Once truly mobile (i.e. away from WiFi, away from PC) I don't download any music. None. Zilch. The offline play is a HUGE feature to me.


So - why so hard to search for a song that's already on the iPhone?  If all I wanted was blind random shuffle, guess what I'd buy? An iPod shuffle (and I don't want one).


No sort-by-artist. No sort-by-title. I need to the ability to search within what's already on the iPhone, NOT what's on the internet.


You've made it rather difficult to find and play what I've already decided to sync-to-mobile. Please make it easy.

Hey guys. We've implemented this on Android but please feel free to pop over to this idea and vote on the search filtering for iOS.



I will  "save" sort by on all divices........if i sort by add time in my plylist then it will be so in my phone too 😉


Glad so many other people feel the same way about this. I really enjoy Spotify Premium and I probably use my Android app more than I use Spotify on my actual computer. The only change to Spotify that would significantly improve my experience would be the ability to sort songs by artist on my playlist on the app (like you are able to do on the computer)


I think it's ridiculous premium members can't organize a music library within Spotify. How long is this is going to take? 3 months? 6 months? How hard is it to build 1 little modification to the exisiting App. I've got front end app developers who could do this in a heartbeat. Make it happen Spotify....


Proper managing the playlists (sorting / filtering / etc) on mobile devices is an absolute necessity. it currently is a nightmare to find the list you want. Please add this asap


Well golly... I just accidentally noticed that sort functionality of any playlist (even the big ol' Starred list) has been added to the iOS app. Well, iPad anyway. (Please stand by while I see if it works on iPhone.) Hmm. No sort on iPhone. (Managed to discover that sans-rage.)


Thank you so much, Spotify Devs, for giving me a way to sort. 99% of my playback is iPad, at work. And at least once daily I suddenly get the hankering to hear a particular song or particular artist, and if it's already starred, what I want to do is play that particular thing now, and let it shuffle-to-whatever next. And now I can. Awesome.


Here's the thing that I'd like to point out like an adult, without ridiculous hyberbole about this being a "grave" problem, or all caps whining about how pissed off I am (you know, the kind of $#!+ that makes me almost regret having brought it up in the first place):


The sort feature on iPad isn't terribly intuitive. There is soooo much extra screen real estate on the iPad in landscape mode. I can pull on the edge of the track list as if I want to make it wider and the list-o-Playlists narrower, but it just springs back. Why allow it to move if it serves no purpose? Hmm. But I was dinging around with all the directions I could pull stuff to see if they did anything or not.


I swiped down (i.e. scrolled to the top of the list) further than usual, and POP! A Filter and Sort thingy jobber appeared above the playlist-cover-art-collage. All this time I was expecting it to appear like the Windows/OSX app, where the column name is clickable. Again, there's a lot of real estate for this on iPad, though you'd have to actually use more horizontal space in landscape mode (and I think you should).


So - we have the feature. But it's cleverly hidden. That... seems... odd.


But hey, I'm not about to look a gift horse (or Stephen Tyler) in the mouth. So... thanks again.


exactly, the thing is.. when im using my ipod 4 and im, lets say, in the middle of my playlist (which have approximately 660 songs on it) and i wanna 'search' a concrete title i have to scroll it all the way up and then use the search function - id love to do this from 'whatever position' on my playlist. thanks!


I can now sort by date added in playlists but not when I press "play all" from a folder. Can we haz? 🙂


Absolutely ridiculous that this is still "under consideration" and not "under construction." How something like this was even overlooked in the original makeup is beyond me. What's it going to take?

Yeah this would be awesome, kind of makes me regret paying 10 dollars a month when I can't even sort my playlists by title or artist which is a feature with the music app built into my phone. Would definitely be an great feature to be added.