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Mobile App Sort and Search

Due to having a conservative bent about mobile bandwidth, I do all my music discovery, starring and playlist editing at the computer, then sync to mobile everything starred and a subset of playlists. Once truly mobile (i.e. away from WiFi, away from PC) I don't download any music. None. Zilch. The offline play is a HUGE feature to me.


So - why so hard to search for a song that's already on the iPhone?  If all I wanted was blind random shuffle, guess what I'd buy? An iPod shuffle (and I don't want one).


No sort-by-artist. No sort-by-title. I need to the ability to search within what's already on the iPhone, NOT what's on the internet.


You've made it rather difficult to find and play what I've already decided to sync-to-mobile. Please make it easy.

Hey guys. We've implemented this on Android but please feel free to pop over to this idea and vote on the search filtering for iOS.

I'd really like to be able to change between ASC and DESC. I have a huge playlists with 300+ songs, and I'd like to be able to listen to the latest added song and listen "backwards". Today I have to scroll to the bottom and que songs manually. 

Yes please! I want to listen to my playlist the way I want..! Shuffle sucks..

Really need to get this fixed... Random music is not the way i want it on my iphone!


Really want this. I always use the sorting options within the normal desktop app. The moble apps really should be able to sort a playlist by Artist / Album / Date Added


Come on Spotify. We have waited and waited for this in more than a year now. You got to get your **bleep** together. This post is over a year old or something. This can't be right.

I normally play my playlists over and over again and I'm constantly adding to them. Therefore, it would be fantastic to be able to sort by Date Added for all moblie platforms. I want to hear my newest additions first and then move through the playlist to the song first entered. In a way, it's like a trip down memory lane for that playlist and allows me to see how my taste has evolved. 


I'd really like to be able to change the playlist order inside the mobile application.


The mobile application is key to the Premium experience, as is the offline option.  Please allow greater organizational flexibility of content, both offline and online, starting with ordering of playlists.  Offline capability combined with Extreme quality is why I chose Spotify over other options.

I mostly use the mobile app offline in areas without service and it's very annoying not being able to specify the playlist order. Please can you fix this, it can't be that hard

Is it really that hard to implement this? Even if all of us weren't suggesting this, it just seems like a basic feature. And even if you can't give us the feature on the mobile app, at the very least give us a feature on the desktop app that will sort the tracks permanently on a playlist so that they will show up sorted when we open that playlist on the mobile app. As of right now, that sorting ability is only temporary and resets itself when re-opening the desktop app, and has no effect on the mobile sorting.

Spotify's selection is great. The social features are great. But as far as basic features, 0/10 would not recommend.