[Mobile] Car Mode

- More space for touch functions

- Faster access to play and pause actions

- Reduced functionality for safer and faster access during driving


Updated on 2019-06-25

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Car View is now available across Android and iOS devices. The new view has basic controls which make the experience more simple and safer when driving.


The app will automatically swap when it detects it's connected to a car's built-in Bluetooth, but you can also switch it on and off in the settings. 


Safe travels!


1.   Can't see the album art.

2.  Cannot play 'my songs'

3.  Doesn't display navigation prompts.


Not very good for a car view

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Hi Jacko31970!

I hope that my suggestions are able to assist you further with the predicament that you are facing. I have noticed that there are a few navigational Apps that are able to connect to Spotify (E.g Waze and Google Maps), that allow the user to have a fully functional navigational system running whilst playing Spotify music in the background. With some Apps there will be a drop down box on the top of the App which features the song that is currently being played. There is also a small image depicting the album cover and the usual play/pause/backwards/forwards buttons which allows you to control your playlist whilst using your navigational App. Try checking out Google maps or WAZE and play around with the settings to link third party apps e.g Spotify, hopefully this will be useful to you.


Is there a way to permenantly disable this? I've unchecked the "turn on automatically" setting, but it still asks every time I connect to my car. I don't like car view and I want the ability to permanantly disable it from asking.


I have spotify on my Ndroid headunit. I wish it would open on the Album Art than in the playlist menu.


I wish car mode can be activated without turning on bluetooth

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Have this feature finally been rolled out to everyone? How do I enable it? I'm a premium user and I've been waiting 6+ months now.

In settings, instead of a "Car" section and "Car View" option I have "Connect to Apps" with only a "Navigation" sub-menu.


And yes, both the app and my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9) is fully updated.

I've tried renaming my car BT connection to include the word "car" but the view or option still doesn't show up.


Not sure why Spotify doesn't like the repeat button. I like Car Mode, as it's less distracting than the short looping videos that some songs have - except for the fact that the repeat button is missing. Can you please make the repeat button available in Car Mode? I use that way more than the heart button

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It sucks.  I don't even have a car and that annoying banner comes up everytime I bluetooth to my sound system.  And yes I can do a clean install but why should I have to (althoug I have read on other threads that does not fix the problem)??? I then have to redownload all my playlists, which Spotify seems to randomly delete anyway.  FIRE YOUR PROGRAMERS.  There are now too many bugs and annoyances to list (the transfer to other devices is problematic, the volume is skitzie, the app on my phone just randomly stops, and on and on).  The Spotify app is on a downward spiral.  Many of the features just do not work as advertised.  And I am supposed to pay for this junk???

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Oh and your ssatisfaction survey must not like like negative feedback.  I received an error message when I attempted to submit it.  Precious.

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LANDSCAPE MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Spotify wants drivers to be unsafe and not allow a manual car mode setting for aux users. Why is it so hard for them? Because they don't care and don't want us to be safe on the roads. It's been an ongoing problem for at least 7+ years. Spotify wants you to not use their app I guess or chance crashing because a simple feature fix they already have is just to hard to do because they actually need to make a manual override setting for car mode. Good job Spotify for not caring about public safety when you know people use this app in the car