[Mobile] Car Mode

- More space for touch functions

- Faster access to play and pause actions

- Reduced functionality for safer and faster access during driving


Updated on 2019-06-25

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Car View is now available across Android and iOS devices. The new view has basic controls which make the experience more simple and safer when driving.


The app will automatically swap when it detects it's connected to a car's built-in Bluetooth, but you can also switch it on and off in the settings. 


Safe travels!


i think even just an increase in the size of the lockscreen controls would be a significant improvement, on my sgs4, the buttons are less than a quarter of an inch square, trying to hit it while not looking at the phone is proving to be difficult


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Updated: 2015-04-22

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I really love my Spotify while I dive but am a 24/7 home health care nurse for my Grandmother and need to have car now while in driving to be able to answer in emergency so I can't do that without a wreck listening to the best music player ever, SPOTIFY, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE INTEGRATE THIS IN YOUR SYSTEM SO I MAY ENJOY IT MORE AND NOT DIE IN A WRECK OR HAVE MY GRANDMOTHER DIE DUE TO NOT BEING ABLE TO ANSWER DUE TO LACK OF CAR MODE! THANK YOU SPOTIFY TEAM! 💕 💕 💕 


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Yes please on car mode! Need to more easily see playlist options and audio controls if they can supplement/over-ride my car's audio. Bigger print and images, higher contrast screen and ability to dim screen more at night.


This is my Biggest concern and my biggest let down of this great service. Driving and music go hand and hand, and an integral part of music on the go. Spotify if you want to keep your customer base safe,,, Create a large button mode. Lets keep your subscribers alive and paying those subscriptions. Everything else about the service is top notch. Sincerely an ER Trauma Level 1 professional.


i really want this!. right now bad contrast en small font size. 


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We need this now!


With the improvements in celluar coverage these days, I think this is something Spotify should really be considering.  Spotify is my sole music solution when out and about, and mostly at home to if I am being fair.


I car mode (Maybe identified by connecting to the car using Bluetooth) would be a really bonus to the application - 

Why hasn't this happened yet? Surely it's not that hard to implement. I have actually stopped using spotify in my car because when my HTC One M8 is in car mode I don't even have a skip forward button on my front screen of my phone. I need to open the Spotify app then skip where as my default music player has a large skip forward, back and pause button that is continuously visible on my phone at all times. Not to mention the fact that changing albums or artists is super easy due to the large buttons.