[Mobile] Car Mode

- More space for touch functions

- Faster access to play and pause actions

- Reduced functionality for safer and faster access during driving


Updated on 2019-06-25

Hey Folks, 


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea. 


Car View is now available across Android and iOS devices. The new view has basic controls which make the experience more simple and safer when driving.


The app will automatically swap when it detects it's connected to a car's built-in Bluetooth, but you can also switch it on and off in the settings. 


Safe travels!


Spotify, when is something like this coming? Mobile Phone in a docking station, just like car navigation, either internally or externally, needs an interface that allows for easy access, like aforementioned navigation. 3 Fat buttons. One for radio, one for playlists, one for search (despite potential objection, a shotgun should be able to deal with the search button), a play button, GO.


i connect my iphone to my car stereo via bluetooth and you guessed it, i use Spotify to play my playlist (i have a phone mount and i have a playlist with over 200 songs, just for when im driving). controlling the play, skip forward or back is not an issue for me, i can control that from the car stereo. and i personally think that the play/pause and skip buttons are already large enough on the iphone 5 to safely press if needs be. but...and theres always a but...the buttons for the "shuffle" and "repeat" functions and really small and the colour choice it not he best. when driving during the day, it's nearly impossible to see if the shuffle is selected or which repeat mode is set.



my suggestions for a "Car Mode"

1. remove the album art. why do you need it? your supposed to be driving not looking at pretty album art.

2. as the album art is removed, make the buttons bigger and easier to see. ie. shuffle and repeat.

3. add a "playlist", "radio" etc buttons and make the navigation quick. don't want to keep your eyes off the road for too and safety and all...

4. have a day and night colour mode. don't want to be blinded by the screen when driving at night.


please Spotify, make this option "Car Mode" possible. i use the app every time i drive and im afraid, one day, i might crash my car, just because i was trying to see if my "shuffle" was selected or not.




Please implement a driving mode or simplify the user interface of the mobile app. Takes waaaay too many clicks to find a playlist or an artist. TuneIn radio has a great driving mode. To execute, allow users to customize. Maybe four or six big buttons on one page that are shortcuts to a favorite playlist or something or someone you follow. A discover button, a radio button. Customization is key because each users needs will be different.

Connected via MirrorLink on Android 5.1 I need to
1. be able to choose between playlists

2. see the currently playing TRAC + some huge buttons (no album art) on the cars entertainment system

3. mute Spotify when I receive incoming calls (also goes for normal usage: Mute the app, when I accept a call)


actually an other app that would complement the other, with a setting to have it always offline, or always online




I find it a great idea!


Would love this, surprised there isn't one already!


I would lke it to include an option for playlists available offline only in a driving mode.  Reduce the amount of touchs to drill down to the playlist I need.  Especially when driving all I want are my playlists available offline.


Hey guys, so happy I see this here. So, I've started to listen to Discover Weekly and other playlists while driving and what I need is to be able to quickly SAVE the songs for later listening, exploration etc. But the button is so small, I have to focus a lot and that is dangerous while driving 🙂 So, big save button or something like DOUBLE TAP TO SAVE option would be super helpful. 


Thanks for considering this.