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[Mobile] Disable Video Loop Cover Art

Besides personally disliking the fullscreen video loops as cover art, I've also noticed they sometimes crash the app. 

I'd welcome the option to disable them and choose for static cover art images only.

Updated on 2019-03-20

Hey folks,


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea.


You can now disable these videos by turning off 'Canvas' under your settings. 




My opinion is that it's really irritating to have constant light flashes in my face. If I want to watch a videoclip l will open Youtube. I hope in the future the disable function will be added.


I agree. It's the worst feature that I've seen added to my favourite music player. Definitely hoping for a disable option; either that or more support for Google Play Music on more devices with something like Spotify Connect so that I can have the best of both worlds. 😉

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2018-06-13

Marked as new idea.


Marked as a "new idea"? Don't fool us Spotify! This is a 'feature' you just introduced to lure us into whatever you have in store for us. We like MUSIC, not video! There are other providers which are much better at that. At least provide a button to disable this BS!


Completely agree!

It's a battery drain too. 

Please let us disable these. 




They are disabled if you enable "data server" but that also sets audio quality to potato. Altso, if you like me have a 18:9 ratio phone. The videoes look**bleep** mostly due to the graphical gritches over and under the video.


I totally agree and I don’t even think these video clips or full screen artwork should be a thing. They are annoying, distracting, and change the layout of the functions on the screen. It makes Spotify a bad choice to use while driving. If I wanted to watch a music video or see a picture I would google or YouTube it. Please get rid of these nuisances.

I've found that, when listening to a radio station and a full screen song comes on, the thumbs up and down buttons disappear. 


This feature is irritating and useless to listeners.  It causes great annoyance for me when trying to skip a track during my run. Please give us an option to disable this slow to load, battery draining feature. 


They also damage my battery life p hard