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[Mobile] Disable Video Loop Cover Art

Besides personally disliking the fullscreen video loops as cover art, I've also noticed they sometimes crash the app. 

I'd welcome the option to disable them and choose for static cover art images only.

Updated on 2019-03-20

Hey folks,


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea.


You can now disable these videos by turning off 'Canvas' under your settings. 




It is annoying. Also, I don't want a flashing screen on my desk at work. It draws too much attention, screws the layout and is a distraction. I want to deactivate this but there is no way. Since it is causing problems, I'd rather skip the music than keep it. You are ruining my music experience.


This is my first community post after many years of very happy Spotify use.


This is a really bad, distracting user experience that adds zero additional enjoyment to music listening. It is the worst of both worlds between a still image and a proper video clip. Please give us the option to turn this off.


I've actually run into an issue where, if I'm running Spotify in landscape mode (auto-rotate enabled), and one of the "Video Cover" songs comes on, the UI will completely lock up, and no taps or button presses will do anything until I manually turn my phone portrait, where the video loop will come on and all resumes as normal. One catch though - more often than not, this issue will cause the Android System UI service to crash entirely, and the phone will prompt me to restart it.


So to recap, if Spotify is landscape when one of these songs comes on, Spotify will try to turn the screen, fail, lock the system up, and crash the system UI. In my opinion, that's really unacceptable.


Also, the videos are super distracting while I'm driving, even when they are working properly.

(Samsung Galaxy S8, up-to-date everything, AT&T)


When these songs are in your Discover Weekly playlist the video loop cover art covers/disables the like and dislike options, making this 'feature' worse than useless.  It actively breaks a different feature.

There's a way to do it, but it involves downloading a slightly older version of Spotify.


First, uninstall the current version of Spotify.


Second, download an older version here:


Third, install the file, then go to the play store and go to updates, select Spotify, then press the three dots at the top right corner and disable automatic updates.


For me, it's an issue when I'm driving. Having flashing video images in my field of vision while driving is distracting and dangerous. And so is needing to find the button to minimize the album cover while driving. It's about safety.


want to be able to disable this feature. I see it as a potential liability issue as well, since this feature was force updated and not optional to suddenly have a very distracting and flashy movement in the corner of my eye while I was driving. (Which is the first time I saw it) It only takes a small drift or overcorrection to have a serious car accident. 


@user-removed :



Saved my life! Thanks!


Yes, please make it optional. It's distracting to look at and I also can't open my queue while there's a video playing and it's really frustrating. For some reason there's a share button now instead of the queue button.


I only registered here to support this "idea". Absolutely useless, annoying and irritating function and pretty upsetting they introduce it without giving users the ability to opt out. I will look into alternatives to Spotify if they don't change this. 


Some context: I mount my phone in my car and listen to Spotify when I drive.


Having some of the cover art become looping video is incredibly distracting, and I could get a ticket for it. What's disheartening is when a company/developer introduces a new feature without the option of shutting it off. 


Can't I just listen to music? Why does this music app have to be anything more than that?