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[Mobile] Disable Video Loop Cover Art

Besides personally disliking the fullscreen video loops as cover art, I've also noticed they sometimes crash the app. 

I'd welcome the option to disable them and choose for static cover art images only.

Updated on 2019-03-20

Hey folks,


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea.


You can now disable these videos by turning off 'Canvas' under your settings. 




I don't mind the videos but i want to disable them since every time one plays the like and don't like buttons disappear.Screenshot_20190113-164231__01.jpg





It's really irritating to have constant light flashes in my face. 


This feature is irritating and useless to listeners. Please give us an option to disable this slow to load, battery draining feature. 


Spotify is continuously ignoring users that hate the inclusion of video content. I understand pushing it on free users as i assume there is pre roll ad revenue, but those of us that pay for spotify should ALWAYS be given the option to skip music videos and disable animated/video album art. WE ARE PAYING, do not force this waste of mobile resources (battery drain, data connection, sluggish app response, etc) on us. Spotify is used for audio, that's why we are here! This will only push us to other pay services. LISTEN TO YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS!  This feature doesn't even make any logical sense! Do you really think users are staring at a short video loop? Of course not, nobody wants this! 


Well since people have worked in order to create them , erasing the feature completely would be a waste of time and money for them but if giving the option of disabling them would give both parties what they are asking for 


Now you can vote under the following forum contribution to desabling videos! Please vote! [Music] Option to disable Videos in curated Playlists

Yes! This is a garbage feature that is just extremely intrusive. Make it opt-out, but there has to be an option. It's incredibely anoying and makes the user experience trash. If the user wants to see the video they go to youtube. I don't know anyone who thinks that it's something they want. Pls fix this.


Absolutely agree, its a unnecesary feature and has to go or at least there has to be an option to permanently disable video album covers. My iPhone wouldn't auto lock and turn-off screen because of this today without me noticing and thus it drained 36% of the battery within the duration of half a John Hopkins Album.





PLease stop forcing us to watch videos that eat up my data and distract me from the duration bar and other controls.


I wouldn't mind this as much if it didnt force an orientation change and change the way my UI works. I use spotify in horizontal mode when driving/working out so I dont have to pay attention to swipe to the next song, this is a really annoying change.