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[Mobile] Disable Video Loop Cover Art

Besides personally disliking the fullscreen video loops as cover art, I've also noticed they sometimes crash the app. 

I'd welcome the option to disable them and choose for static cover art images only.

Updated on 2019-03-20

Hey folks,


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea.


You can now disable these videos by turning off 'Canvas' under your settings. 




Just got the update today! Very happy to be able to turn off the Canvas 🙂 


I agree that this is often distracting and visually far "too much" for a music player.


I agree with that. They should have an option to disable it. I also think that,  that option would be better to have in the tv's. Right now you just watch the artistic cover in the tv and not the video. It would be great if they consider to have this option in the mobile and tv app, you don't always want to have the video playing.

Fortunately you can. Simply go to Settings > Playback > canvas and disable it. 🙂

There is no 'canvas' setting on spotify for android. Have I missed something?
If videos bother you, please Vote at the following forum post for the option to disable videos in spotify to save data: