[Mobile] Make the Premium Design similar the new Spotify Free one

The Spotify Team updated the Spotify Free app with a brand new design. I find this new design much better than the current one, and I was mildly disappointed when I upgraded my account and saw the "old" design again. 

This new one is much simpler and and sexier than the Premium design.

You can also read this article to learn more about this update: 

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Updated on 2019-06-21

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The menu design on Premium has recently had a big update! You can check out more details about the changes here.




Make this idea happen guys! Thanks 🙂

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Updated on 2018-06-13

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Agree! And I would like to have access to the new AI generated playlists from the free accounts as a premium user, too. 


I was about to upgrade to Premium having seen the lovely new interface. I mentioned it to my friend who is on premium and he said it hadn’t changed. Sticking with the free until Spotify upgrade the UI for their paying customers too!


I do totally agree! the new interface for few users is cleaner, fresher and less distractive, I'm new as a premium user but I was so disappointed when I saw the old UI once I started paying! also I really hope they will implement image album on list view as already appears in certain playlist!! is so much better90AB79BB-25D3-4914-8BD7-895223FC687F.jpeg


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Honestly this is starting to bother me because now im being tempted to use a substratum theme or just download all my playlists and use samsungs default music player wich has an extremely better design than the old spotify UI.


Completely agree. I just upgraded to premium and am considering canceling because the interface is**bleep**. I was impressed with the free interface but the premium interface is absolutely a cluttered mess. 


You **bleep** right. Premium version off the app it’s outdated. 

Make an alternative light team as well. 

Hire me. Ill do it for you guys \m/  


Why has this not been done? Along with iOS 12 and shortcuts, Spotify is slacking. 

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It's been some months now.. Just asking, why would I f**** pay for a worse user interface? Really disappointed...


Look at those 2 screenshots, I hope Spotify's kidding treating premium users like that 😒😒