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[Mobile] Mobile app playlists INSIDE FOLDERS should have option to sort in custom order

Status: Implemented

Since the new update on the mobile app, playlists inside folders are showing in RECENTLY PLAYED order ONLY.


I want to have options. I want to see the playlists inside folders in the SAME ORDER I organized them using the desktop app.


The ability to sort the library on mobile app is limited to the TOP FOLDER only. That is limiting and annoying.

Updated on 2021-12-30

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that this feature is now available on Mobile. There's more info here


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


Actually the most nstural thing would be for the same settings to appear inside folders as outside of them. This does not only go for custom order but also for making only downloaded playlists visible and being able to download a playlist just by hard clicking on it, not hsving to open it.


It's so hard to add a song to a playlist now on mobile or find the playlist you were looking for. The custom order that is still a feature on the desktop is much better.


I can’t believe they took this away in the recent updates. I saw it come back for one day, and then it was gone again. So frustrated as what even is the point of NOT having a custom order option?


EDIT: I found a post in this forum about the library update. Apparently the custom sort is still possible, but not on the library home. You need to instead tap “playlist” on the top “filters” bar and THEN in the drop down you can select “custom.” What a pain, but I’m glad it’s still there somewhat. 


Update on my end through talking with tech support:


They're fully aware of the bug, but have no plans to fix it. It works fine on iOS, it's the Android app that has the broken custom order. They're just blatantly ignoring their Android users and flat out not fixing an obvious bug. I'm a big fan of Spotify but this has been incredibly disappointing to see how they're dealing with their customers.


It doesn't work on my iPhone. There is no custom order for the library. There is for playlists. Not for the library.

I organize my library with folders and subfolders in a particular order, and they're all in a different order on the iPhone app.


I have all my playlists ordered and most of them categorized into folders.  On mobile, opening a folder now doesn't display the playlists in order.  This makes my playlists hard to find, as I have many of them.  I understand that it's sorted by recently used or something similar, but this makes playlists harder to find since the order doesn't stay the same, so my mental memory of playlist location is lost.


What I can't believe is how they don't realize this is a BUG! 

They give you the option, at the top of your library tree, to sort the tree by several types of orders.

Then that order is ONLY applied to the top level, and the remaining tree is ordered by recently played.


Now I ask you: HOW THIS IS NOT A BUG???! How is this being considered a NEW SUGGESTION?!


I'm really getting sick of this still not being solved! The bug exists since May 2021!! Are you serious guys?! This is why I'm paying for? Let's just all start cancelling the premium account...

Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Votes

Updated on 2021-08-27


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Woow!! Finally! It took you 7 months to fix it. SEVEN! But you did it! Finally! I had already lost all hope for it. I can see all my playlists with the proper order again! Thanks!!!


Thank you for fixing this, Spotify team!